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Okay I'm writing about this because I personally think this is brilliant which I didn't want to write that in the title, it was filmed just a few day's ago.

UFO sighting over Beaverton Oregon USA pill shaped 10th Feb 2023.

UFO sighting over Beaverton Oregon USA pill shaped.

Close up of the pill shaped craft Tic Tac UFO Beaverton Oregon USA.

The video is in my view great because it's showing us a possible UFO that really could have been the actual one shot down over Alaska?

It's a pill shaped craft and I'm calling it a craft because we see it actually flying in the video, no visible means of propulsion systems, no wings, the witness even say's out loud that it's a pill shape.

I think this is absolutely spot on as far as being a Tic Tac shaped UAP at the very least. We already know that these one's are real, we know that the UAP videos exist and this one definitely has a resemblance to a white Tic Tac.

I was actually sent a link (with a preview) of the UFO so I followed the link as ya do, and as soon as I saw this, I thought wow that's awesome. It's the flying without wing's (I'm sure that's a song) so how the hell is it staying up in the sky? Shouldn't it fall out of the sky without anything to keep it aimed upwards like wings, they create the lift?

Witness statement:

Filmed 02/10/23 5:31PM in Beaverton, Oregon near Portland. It was hard to spot but Ive been looking into the sky every chance I get to see if I notice anything related to the Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon. This is not my first video capturing something like this but after analysing what I recorded I was astonished at what I found. This may be what the U.S. has been shooting down.

Thisisit YouTube channel  

A balloon would give it a neutral buoyancy so that's creating the lift. A rocket utilizes a thruster to give it lift. This is using what? A fixed wing aircraft with a propeller(s) airplane etc would be dragged through the air as the propellers literally just drag's it through the air.

I do not see anything that would be giving this lift whatsoever and that's the strangest thing. Watch it be something so obvious that is keeping it afloat lol and I just can't work it out.

But, as far as I know, a craft moving this fast isn't a balloon. There's just no way that a helium filled balloon (because it'd have to be helium) could go that fast especially without a propeller.

Narrowing it down, there doesn't seem to be anything else that this could be man-made? Is this why the Air Force pilot's couldn't determine what the propulsion system was? Because there wasn't one to be seen!

I'd really like your opinion on this one guy's, is it what the pilot's saw? This was filmed on the 10th February 2033 so it must have been the first one after the balloon. So the Alaska UFO.

The Chinese balloon was shot down on the 4th February 2023.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the National Security Council said the objects might turn out to be harmless commercial or research efforts that posed no real threat to the United States, though White House officials have said they posed a “very real” threat to civilian air traffic.

February 10th the Alaska UFO was shot down!

This UFO sighting is valid, it's absolutely valid that it could be it. The object broke into pieces after being shot down and was most likely not a balloon, a Defense Department official said. A White House official said the object was the size of a small car. AND the object was first detected on Thursday night, Alaskan time, and was headed toward the North Pole before it was shot down. OMG sonitvwas going to the North pole!

February 11th is the Canadian UFO sighting and that was shot down.

February 12th is the Lake Huron UFO sighting and was subsequently shot down.

What's your thoughts on the whole thing and what do you think these UFOs are?

Are they Aliens?

Are they going to turn out to be man made and no threat?

Here's the extraordinary video which shows the white pill shaped UFO:

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Credit: Thisisit YouTube Channel/The Washington Post/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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