Black And Red Cylinder Shape UFO Sighting 8th March 2023

Yesterday, I received an incredible UFO video on Instagram from an eyewitness that shows a black and red cylinder shape UFO.

Black and red UFO filmed over Brazil In Timelapse Video.

The 8th march 2023 black and red UFO sighting.

The timelapse video is from over Brazil 3 day's ago.

It shows a UFO that I have never seen before - a black cylinder tube with two red lights at about an equal distance apart from each other.


It's probably a one-off which begs the question "where are these UFOs coming from and how many are there?" Was this specific UFO seen anywhere else? Where has it gone and why does South America get all the best UFO sightings? Have you seen anything like this one before?


It's there, towards the end. It flies past the screen but if you pause it right, you'll have a good view. If only we knew lol we could ask for a slow flypast.

I have been writing about UFOs for a long time, they're never perfect because it's catching UFOs by accident but I have never seen a UFO like this one. It looks so unique, with the red lights at opposite ends and it's a black tube or cylinder. It looks unlike anything else out there - it looks truly great!

You can almost guarantee that the eyewitness was excited to have seen this UFO, and I am sure that this video will be shared and talked about for a long time. It's just that good because if I put myself in the shoes of the witness, I know I'd be so happy.

It is a great reminder of the wonders of the universe and the possibilities that exist out there. I am sure that this video will inspire many more people to look up and explore the night sky.

Have I ever seen a UFO, the answer is no. I hope that one day I see a UFO but not just any old UFO, if we're in wishful thinking land then I'm going to push the boat out. If I ever see a UFO, it's going to be a close-up one, there will probably be something at the window that looks almost like an Alien Grey but it's not fully noticeable. Like a silhouette that I'll be able to make it out as a Grey.

Witness statement:

I was making a timelapse of the full moon with my cell phone, suddenly two lights cross the sky, it was very fast, I only managed to see it later when I went to edit the video. Just don't see UFO who doesn't look at the sky. Night of March 8, 2023, city of Itajai, SC Brazil, Praia de Cabeçudas.

Hostelhouse84 Instagram 

It will hum, you know like the movies lol it might even have that deep horn blast like from Inception. Look, while we're in make-believe land I'm not going to think "if only I saw a tiny white dot high up that could be mistaken for a star." Nobody on this planet hopes to see that!

But a flying saucer, shiny silver metallic and with a tractor beam, absolutely that's the type of UFO that people hope to see. People just do not hope to one day see something out of the corner of their eye. That's not a hopes dream type of UFO.


What do you think about this UFO sighting? Personally, I think it's got to be one of the best UFO sightings so far in 2023, do you dispute that and if so please let us know in the comments below.

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Credit: Hostelhouse84 Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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