Largest Unknown Origin Craft Flying Past The Sun

Recently caught on camera was a huge, massive craft of unknown origin and it was so fast.

This is the type of stuff that most if not all amateur astronomers would want to catch on their telescope cameras.

The UFO flying past the Sun Jan 20th 2023.

Close up look at the long UFO tube flying past the Sun January 20th 2023.

Above is the long cylinder shape UFO flying past the Sun on January 20th 2023.

According to the video description just a bit of simple math can figure out or get us in the ball park in figuring out how big this obvious craft is? You know I think that we should call it what it is, it's got to be a spacecraft or spaceship.

There's the obvious chance that it could be a asteroid but it's not like any asteroid I've seen on TV before. Here's the video description:

Video description

This is an extremely interesting footage of something that flew past the Sun. The diameter of the Sun is 1,392,700 km and it took 5 seconds for this "thing" to fly by. If this "thing" is extraterrestrial in origin, how massive does it have to be and how fast must it travel? Filmed by @AstroArron in Southern California.

Occured: January 20, 2023.

I have a small problem with this because we can see a trail behind it just as the video starts there's a trail which looks like it's going through the atmosphere. So there's either something wrong with the perspective of the video which is putting the whole alignment out of whack or it's just a light gremlin. Yes that's right a light gremlin!

Or, some unknown phenomena that's making it look like one thing when clearly it's something else. That's what I'm calling a light gremlin. Who'd have thought, gremlins do exist.

Let's talk about the most obvious anomaly in the video which is so evident as soon as we play the video. The lack of wings on this object. I couldn't believe that in the original video posted on Twitter someone actually suggested that it's a plane. The spot's on the Sun are in High Definition, we can count the black Sun spots (11 by the way) so if this was an airplane we'd definitely be able to see the planes wings just because of the HD video.

What can this be

There's a good chance that it's a UFO and I've come to that conclusion because if we look on the uploaders Twitter profile it states that he's from South California USA. There's no missiles flying over California and there's no aircraft at the moment that uses no wing's especially in the commercial sector or the private sector.

Ruling out SpaceX

It's to big to be a drone, it's not a remote controlled airdryer rocket or a SpaceX rocket. This was taken on the 20th January and if we look at January SpaceX launches we can see that the 20th January there was nothing in the schedule.

January 19 Starlink Group 2-4 Falcon 9 (B1075.1)

January 26 Starlink Group 5-2 Falcon 9 (B1067.9)

So that rules out a rocket launch.

Google Search.

Ruling out NASA

What was NASA up to?

Looking at the Florida Review there's nothing on January 20th.

Looking at the Space Launch Schedule there's nothing on the 20th January 2023 and even Chinese launches are on there. So the plot thickens as I alway's say when I know that there's no answer to something that has clearly happened! As we can see there's a massive tubular shape UFO (yes it's a UFO) by it's very definition we've eliminated any of the possibilities of what it might be, what it could be and even the slight chance thing's like the Chinese Long March Rocket's.

How big is it

Let's go back and look at the initial assessment by the Instagram channel Deliberately Overlooked. I've added the video description above, with the diameter of the Sun being 1,392,700 km and it took 5 seconds for this "thing" to fly by that would make it (I presume) very large. How fast is it going and how big is it based on we can see it from Earth between the Sun and the Earth?

If you can get to the answer I'll let you guys tell us in the comments section below how big it is and how fast it's going?


If you've got any thoughts or opinions on this and you know how fast it's flying based on the above diameter of the Sun and it taking 5 seconds to pass by the Sun. Knowing how far the Sun is to Earth, it can be worked out, then please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And as always please share this post, thank you for sharing this post I appreciate it.

Credit: Twitter AstroArron/Deliberately Overlooked Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Aeroplane, distortion of camera angle.

  2. Lets just vote on what it is and get it over with

  3. Obviously aliens who just snatched a few people for experiments

  4. I believe strongly on uap or ufo I have 4 times experience and none was from this earth I believe I took some pictures in New York I dint want to made the public but I want to help the denial people

  5. Back in, or around 2013, July, me, and 3 others saw the craziest thing, in Pflugerville, Tx.
    What we saw, looked very much like what is in this video, except, it was much closer.
    Since having seen the object we saw in the sky, when I think of it, I'm always reminded of what looked to be a train in the sky, or a long semi truck and trailer.
    This object appeared through the clouds as if by magic.
    I leapt from my chair in the driveway, as we were sitting in a circle.
    It was as if it had sensed us, because as fast as it had shown itself, it turned just like a snake would.
    Crazy thing is, as far as it was, I clearly was able to make out what I am describing as mechanical. By this, I'm saying that the entirety of the body of this craft broke down like the car from the show VIPER.
    This happened in broad daylight, and was so crazy, that those family members who saw this with me, claimed that it wasn't possible for us to have seen what we did.
    I'm the only one who sticks to the story.
    Looked a lot like this video here.
    No telling.
    Just thought I'd share.

  6. The size of the object relative to Sol suggests that it would need to be multiples of the size of Earth in its width (let alone it's length!!). Brings this item from Reddit to mind...

  7. I think it's exactly what it looks like; A huge craft, going across the field of view extremely fast.

  8. Many astronomers are capturing cylindrical objects in our solar system especially in the area of the sun and also other planets.
    Governments know of their existence and refuse disclosure.

  9. 25 miles long, one mile in diameter

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