Fleet Of UFOs Over Power Plant This One Stands Out The Most

In Fukushima, a nuclear power plant in March 2011 had a lot of UFO activity which people still say that it's not been satisfactorily explained.

I've got to admit that when I saw this I thought there was no way that it was a fleet of UFOs over the most visible place on the planet at that time.

Let's take our collective memory back to 2011 more specifically the 11th of March of that year.

This is not a drone over Fukushima nuclear power plant in March 2011.

Fukushima nuclear power plant UFO sighting, UFO Institute, Alerta UFO.

That's when the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident happened not long after the Earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated the country back into the stone age. Mine and the world's heart's stopped for a moment hoping that it wasn't happening.


I've never seen anything like that before especially over a nuclear power plant.

The devastation that was unfolding on TV beamed to every single person on the planet and seemed like it would never end. I like many other people felt powerless to help, I think that the hardest thing about new advances in technology is the feeling of powerlessness to help when we see an earthquake, for instance happening in real-time then there's the flip side to this which is that technology helps.

At least 6 UFOs was caught on camera over the Fukushima power plant.

At least 6 UFO Orbs or UFO objects can be seen in this screenshot from the video.

The cameras caught by the looks of it more than just the fallout (quite literally) from the whole event. It appears that a large fleet of UFOs was also caught on camera. The fact they came into view pretty much all at once then they all seem to leave together is weird. It seems like someone has put together clip's of a lot of UFO sighting's into one single video. That's why we see them appearing and disappearing. Like anything else utilizing a constant live feed etc the drones (if that's what is being used) they would have taken over from one drone or as one left to recharge then another one would take over. To keep a constant live feed of the nuclear power plants interior and see how it's progressing, or not?

UFO is not a drone

It says UFO Institute at the bottom of the screen so I've tried looking for this as a website etc but can't find the site. There's a Facebook page with a few followers but to be honest I don't follow other UFO researcher's as I just like to do my own thing, it's easier and if I need information I go ahead and research it myself.

I only need you guys, your comments through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and all the other good platforms point me in the right direction. I've probably got access (through you) to the best fountain of knowledge that there is bar-none!

Power plant UFO sightings

I've screenshot the UFO fleet over the Fukushima nuclear power plant and I've just found more strange UFO sightings that have happened over the power plant. One was not that long ago uploaded to YouTube by an eagle-eyed viewer watching the news. The news was an unrelated topic but the viewer saw 4 UFOs over the plant itself. How nobody at the TV station ever saw anything is beyond me.

Cross-referencing the screenshot

Luckily someone was awake watching the show. If we look closely, it looks like the same angle or nearly the same angle so maybe there's a constant webcam video feed. It would explain why nobody else saw it on the TV show. Does anyone watch live webcam live feeds from around the world?

After cross-referencing, the image layout with what's already available online is a great way to identify the same thing elsewhere or thing's that look similar. There have been a few UFO sightings over the Fukushima nuclear power plant which I encourage you to check out because there's more to see and no doubt that there's more to come.


I think that what we're seeing here is at least one UFO sighting which is in the image I've featured in this post. It looks unlike anything else that I have ever seen and that is definitely not a drone.

If you've ever seen a UFO before and you were lucky enough to catch it on camera please share it with me, just DM me on Instagram @ufosightingsfootage and I'll check it out. Also please share your thoughts on this post and please share it, thank you.

Check out this video on Infinity Explorer's website showing 4 UFOs over the power plant.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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