Witness Say's There's A Whole Fleet Coming Down

This is probably the most incredible UFO sighting I've seen and believe me that takes some doing.

It takes some doing because you guys share with me some of the most extraordinary UFO sightings that I could have ever been filmed.

Massive UFO fleet consisting of UFO Orbs in infrared night vision.

To many UFOs in a fleet passing by eye witness filming in night vision.

There are too many UFOs flying over the witnesses for them to count and also he says that he doesn't know which one to film because there are just too many of them flying past all at once.


The largest fleet of UFOs all caught on camera flying in different directions that the cameraman doesn't know which one to film first, that's extraordinary.

This incredible footage starts with the UAPs coming into view and it's noticeable straight away that it's been filmed in Infrared. I don't think we'd be seeing this epic fleet of UFOs unless we had the infrared light so that's great forward-thinking on behalf of the UFO watchers.

This type of UFO has been filmed passing by the ISS on many, many different occasions. I have written extensively regarding this.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

At one point in the video the guy holding the camera asks out loud "are they spinning" then he states "I don't know which one to film?"


Some of the comments in the Instagram video comments section are dumb but after wading through the copious amounts of comments there are a lot of great opinions and asking if these are satellites which could be moving into place ie Starlink I assume this is what the commentator is referring to?

One person said something that makes a fantastic point, I don't know if it's the correct answer but it's the best answer by far after wading through the exhausting comedian's comments. Asking when this happened which we don't know because it's not documented anywhere.

I'm going to call them UFO watchers as it's unclear whether or not this was UFO hunting hoping they'd get lucky or if they were acting on a tip or if it was a complete accident. No matter what, this would be a dream job. It's a dream hobby too, to go out at night time to film UFOs and write about your experience with video footage to boot, yes that's a great, fantastic hobby.

Researching UFO sightings in this way has got to be epic because what would happen if the UFOs started blinking back as your shining a laser light at the UFOs? 

That would be unofficial UFO interaction or UFO communication, wouldn't it? Well, it's happened before when a laser was shined at a UFO Orb and it went from a dimmed light to a bright UFO Orb which seemed like it was reacting to the laser light. That was a couple of years ago. I'll try to pinpoint it to an actual video or post so you can check it out. OMG please check this absolutely certain UFO sighting over Big Bear US reacting to a laser, it's incredible. It's posted on Reddit, check this out.

UFO sighting specifics

These UFO Orbs or UAPs which I suppose is exactly what they are, right? They're all flying in a specific east-to-west direction from where the observers are located in the video. The laser shows up as a bright green line of light green colour and we can make out the stars from the UFOs.

These UFO Orbs are roughly the size of a basketball at least if not more but no less than a basketball-sized Orb. Call them UAPs or UFO spheres, it doesn't matter because it's not been identified (none of them has) and so what we have here is a bonafide genuine fleet of UFOs!

Other UFO Orb example

Here's another similar-looking video from 2005 that shows us a large fleet of UFO Orbs filmed on January 28th.

A huge fleet of UFO Orbs filmed in 2005.

This is a fantastic UFO fleet, we've been visited many times by these UAPs and with the Pentagon official saying recently that a Mothership UFO could be in Interstellar space sending probes to Earth and other planets, it could be the truth. We have no reason to disbelieve them, have we?

I'll be sharing the video of this UFO sighting just above filmed in 2005 in another post soon.

That's not too shabby and it's certainly going to give the Pentagon's AARO team a headache if I know what these agencies are like they will only look into UFO sightings that are reported to them and they will not use self-initiative or actively seek UFOs themselves, they will only look into claims and nothing else which I suppose tells another story all unto itself?

It means that they will only do the bare minimum.

Only what is required and nothing else.

If you've got any thoughts on this massive UFO fleet of UAPs then please share them with us in the comments section below, cheers. And don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Credit: djpooh Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. I suspect this was filmed at the ECETI ranch

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