NASA Astronaut | Technology To Go Back To The Moon Was Destroyed

Astronaut Donald Pettit gave an interview and during this interview, he shocked a lot of people including me I'll admit.

Has what he said been taken out of context or did he mean what he said and it's been a cover-up?

Let's dive into this very bizarre statement and if anything let's not add or distort what he said.

Donald Pettit statement - we can't go back to the Moon the technology was destroyed.

Donald Pettit gave an interview which was taken out of context.

Because if we're all misinterpreting what he said then we need clarification.


We need clarification on this, not only for the information side of things or just to put history right again but because it's the right thing to do.

It needs clarification because for some people although it may sound like he's just told us that NASA actively and deliberately destroyed the technology that would enable mankind to go back to the Moon it's probably just misinterpreted as that. Only Donald Pettit can tell us with 100 percent certainty exactly what he meant by "we destroyed that technology?"

He's an astronaut giving an interview from what I've gathered it's at least a 5-year-old interview because it was posted on Reddit in 2017 (link) and as far as he's concerned the whole world is going to watch the interview, we must take it literal and without malice because he almost certainly didn't mean it like that.

There's no way on this Earth he's going to say something like that on TV and throw away his career, whilst doing that Congress would inevitably haul either himself or NASA chiefs in front of endless panels and committee hearings and everything you thought you knew would be in question. Would he try to bring down an agency in some random TV interview? The answer to that which is only my opinion is probably not, no.

We can't misinterpret what someone has said and twist it to fit some warped personal view especially if it's in malice. That's just plain wrong. And I'll tell you why it's wrong, imagine if it was you that someone was twisting what you said... It's not nice, is it? I'll leave that for you to imagine but just imagine if it was you!

It would also underminie any good things you'd achieved so far. It's not a cover up it's been taken out of context.

It is to be expected you know don't you, that people will jump on the bandwagon to fit their narrative? Because we're humans and that's what human beings do, we thrive off that kind of stuff. Why do you think every single top news story on every single day of the week going back as far as you or I can remember is bad news, because death, doom and gloom destruction and carnage sells! Unfortunately, as it is, humans, find bad news interesting. We seek out horrific and terrible news so no wonder it's been taken out of context that NASA destroyed the technology to get humans back to the Moon "if we went there at all."

Someone tried to produce a newspaper that only published happy, uplifting stories. I don't know if it flopped and I'll admit that I don't know about it but I did look it up and there are a lot of people trying to make a difference in good, wholesome news telling take this website for instance The Happy Newspaper which only publishes happy news. So people are trying which is great.

So as far as this news story goes, it's more than likely taken out of context. You'll find it's (in my opinion) not a carefully crafted whistleblowers opening of the can of worms. People want it to be that but it's sadly not. Or fortunately depending on how you see things.

Here's a great point that was made in a comment left on this post:

NASA not having the original video still debunks your claim, stop making excuses for something so obvious, he meant exactly what he said, you act like you don't know English, and you know exactly what he meant but you choose to push misinformation.


He's making the point that people are taking what Donald Pettit said and twisting it. And I totally agree with WildBeast101.

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You'll find that once you've interpreted what he said - it's nothing like what he said but only he can clear that up and that's if he can be bothered and why should he clear up something that's not of his doing?

Donald Pettit statement


"I'd go to the moon in a nanosecond. The problem is that we don't have the technology to do that anymore. We used to, but we destroyed that technology & it's a painful process to build it back again." —Donald Pettit NASA Astronaut

Look, he said that they destroyed the technology and it's a painful process of rebuilding it back up. What he's probably referred to is either a disaster or an accident? We're all aware of the tragedies over the decades and the fact that it's all-aged technology which has probably been trashed now through wear and tear. I believe there are just a few operational ready NASA spacesuits left possibly 4 which was from an initial 18 that was reported in the Business Insider. It's an eye opening read. They was so expensive back in 1974, they still are.

Jim Stein and the new Axiom NASA spacesuit.

Jim Stein, the Axiom Space chief engineer, shows off a prototype of the new spacesuit design astronauts will wear when they step onto the lunar surface later this decade.

Credit: New York Times/David J. Phillip/Associated Press.


It's certainly a very strange thing for an astronaut to say albeit naive I'll admit just because of how it could be construed as being part of a cover-up when it's not the case. It simply means that over years and decades, they've not replaced the old technology or fixed it so it's been destroyed that way through wear and tear.

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Credit: Flatearthers/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. A lot of the process in building the old rockets was done by highly skilled welders and machinist. We do not have those guys around to tell us what manual steps were needed to build a part. Also guys with those skills do not exist anymore. We have all the blue prints, but do not have the people to make the finished product.

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