Your In For A Treat A Flying Saucer Medellín Colombia 3 Week Ago

Bizarre looking Flying Saucer which I've not written about an actual Flying Saucer for a long time, it's got to be at least a year if not more.

This flying saucer was filmed over Medellín Colombia 5th February 2023.

This is a desktop sized image of the Flying Saucer over Medellín Colombia on the 5th February 2023, I'll add the full sized image below.

People just don't seem to be seeing flying saucers and I can only think that it's because these type of craft's aren't used anymore for whatever reason they seem to be the brass era cars in technology comparison terms.

You've got to admit that Flying Saucers are an early-ish mode of transport for the 50's Alien and as our technology has changed, somehow so has Extraterrestrial entities.

The full size flying saucer photograph over Medellín Colombia February 2023.

Who knew that Alien's technology changes just like ours does. Unless it's just a coincidence which if you know me, you'll already know that I don't believe in coincidences at all. Everything is on purpose and has a decision process behind it even the autopilot flying an airplane has a decision making process behind it.

Photo's description:

Fue tomada en Medellín , colombia 

El día 5 de febrero de 2023.

It was taken in Medellín, Colombia

On February 5, 2023.

That's just a quick description of the Flying Saucer but it's a miracle we have a description and a date because lately people are reporting UFO sighting's but not sending the time, place or date.

Look I'm just grateful that people are sending in their UFO sighting's because it's historically important information because as soon as Extraterrestrial life has been identified publicly, researcher's will have to not only take Ufology and Extraterrestrial life seriously but they'll probably start courses and university's will study the lifeforms, group's will spring up to promote universal living together and cooperation.

Flying Saucer photo over Medellín in Colombia 5th February 2023.

The eye witness who photographed this only just sent it to me through DM on Instagram. If you've got any UFO sighting's that you'd like me to post on your behalf, please share it with me through Instagram @ufosightingsfootage is my Instagram page.

Anything that you can imagine happening after Alien life has been confirmed might happen? Researcher's will almost certainly be needed and so the unofficial history books or "fringe niches" will be put under the microscope. Timelines will be established and event's will be examined. There will be a time before the existence of Alien life (publicly acknowledged) and a time after Alien life. Especially if the ET being's are active or not.

It seems bizarre to be talking about it like this, but when Aliens are announced we will have to adjust and very quickly.

In the future I'll be saying things like "I remember the UFO invasion of 23" that was a good year for UFOs. I'll be 76 but that'll be great to look back at the 2023 year when it came so close to an Alien announcement.

Happy accidents are what scientists refer to discoveries with no intention and that's why I don't believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

Flying Saucers aren't the average UFO because that distinct honour goes to the UFO Orb and that's by a long margin.

The photos that was sent to me have a great look to them which is why I decided to write about them instead of just posting the photos to Instagram.

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Credit: Caro Rich/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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