Never Before Seen Metallic UFO Sighting Over Santa Monica Mountains

Okay, hands down this has to be the best UFO sighting that I've ever seen this year at least!

There's a great chance that this is a classified piece of technology because I don't recognize this or see anything by way of normal thrusters or a normal propulsion system.

New UFO sighting over Santa Monica Mountains February 2023.

Never before seen UFO Santa Monica Mountains 2023.

Amazing new UFO sighting UFO Sighting's Footage Feb 2023.

The eyewitness just literally sent me this and it only recently happened Feb 2023, over Santa Monica Mountains California USA. You are the first people to see this.

It's so sleek looking, it's a silver and matte white metallic UFO. Its design looks a bit like what a human being might have made if that human being had access to unbelievable technology and a team of futuristic Inventors without a money problem.

I'm talking about the new generation of engineers that have grown up on PlayStation and computers (right out of the box) etc knowing that the sky's the limit. These are the coders, engineers, Inventors, and well-funded out-of-the-box thinkers. I'm describing Tony Stark and you best believe that it's possible to find a different set of thinkers and then put these people to work on a top-secret program with top-of-the-line sophisticated and prototype engineering machinery.

This is something that is right out of Marvel, but the difference between The Marvel Universe and this reality is the names of people and places which have been changed to protect individuals lol.

Okay maybe there are a few more things that separate reality from fiction but you get the jist.

Here's the witnesses statement:

Over the Santa Monica mountains. Wasn’t moving. Not the good year blimp. It was in between storms and extremely windy.

Dana Fabian 

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Credit: Dana Fabian/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Really! You expect anyone to believe that? Nowadays you can make up all kinds of images and videos on the computer. Frankly, you could have done a better job on your image.


  2. Looks like a boat to me.

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