UFO Spotted Flying Past Falcon 9 CNBC Didn't Even Notice

SpaceX recently launched a rocket with a payload of 21 Starlink satellites, and it was put into orbit and a UFO flew past.

The UFO was spotted by THX1138bro, who messaged me on Gab (a social media platform), so thank you for that. The SpaceX rocket, which was stuffed with a new updated batch of 21 WiFi satellites, had an uninvited visitor from somewhere, but it didn't hitch a ride on the Space rocket.

A UFO flying past the Falcon 9 rocket releasing 21 WiFi satellites.

CNBC used the same screenshot showing the UFO but didn't even notice that a UFO was there.


It's so strange because right as the UFO flies past, this is the screenshot that CNBC has used to share the story of the satellites being released, but nobody has noticed the blatant UFO in the image! The link is below to see the CNBC post and the image they've used.

A Falcon 9 rocket carried 21 on 27th February 2023 of the newly updated satellites, known as the "V2 Mini satellites."

The company said the V2 Mini satellites add about four times as much network capacity per satellite compared with prior iterations. - CNBC 

In the past, a UFO turned up at Elon Musk's rocket and blew up the Falcon 9 rocket as it was on the launchpad. Elon Tweeted about this UFO and wondered about the UFO.

Video of Falcon 9 rocket exploding and UFO flying past in slow motion above.

First Starlink v2 satellites reach orbit.

I know that you've come here to see the awesome new UFO sighting from just about a week ago that shows us a new UFO next to the Falcon 9 rocket while deploying the newly updated batch of WiFi satellites, so here's that video too:

SpaceX UFO video.

I was going to add the tweet by Elon Musk, but it seems pointless because there's no new information we can gain from it. It's just an announcement for the batch of 21 WiFi satellites. Moore's law is coming into effect with the 4X more capabilities from the 2016 batch to now, which I was only talking about to a friend today.

Every 2 years capability doubles, which keeps in with Moore's law. The UFO that we see in this new video could be debris from an earlier mission but because it's SpaceX and Elon tweeted about UFOs blowing up his rocket with a 200 million dollar Facebook satellite it's best to air on the side of caution and probably add a UFO net, just a butterfly net on a robotic arm, lol.  It'd be on the side of the Falcon 9 rocket, lol.

That would be funny. Anyway, here's the link to the Elon Musk video that he posted to his Twitter page that shows us the UFO.

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Credit: SpaceX/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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