4 Obvious UFOs Of Unknown Origin Speeding Through The Clouds

In a recent video, four white UFOs were captured flying through the clouds at an incredibly fast speed.

The video shows that these objects are almost certainly not human-made because we don't have anything like that in our military or private sector, and it's clear that they are solid objects based on the light being emitted.

White light objects traveling in the clouds over USA.

There's no sound with these 4 UFOs travelling through the clouds in US.

These images don't convey how amazing the epic video is. We see the objects flying behind the trees meaning these are real objects.


There's objects in the clouds as we see them go behind the trees, light's shining onto the clouds wouldn't do that.

Nobody makes anything remotely like that which is capable of travelling that fast without making any sound. This is a remarkable event that has probably never been seen before.

So what are we seeing here and who's controlling them? Is there an intelligent decision-making process behind the wheel so-to-speak because something is in control of them as it's not a natural phenomenon?

I believe that were seeing objects of a tangible nature, not just a light source or a phenomenon like the northern lights. I should say that these are more than likely solid objects.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

I don't believe anyone is shining a light on the clouds because we see light being emitted through the trees when it passes behind the trees. That is a huge deal because it means the light is coming out of the clouds and must be from an object inside the clouds.

I've focused in the video on one of the objects flying just behind the trees in a before and just after slow motion clip showing us the object going behind the trees and we see the light shining through the tree tops. That suggests there is something actually in the clouds.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

The video captures the UFOs travelling through the clouds with almost no regard for what could be in their way. This behaviour is unusual and adds to the mystery surrounding the event. Normally light in the sky travels slowly.

If we look back on the UFO Orbs in particular they all travel slowly in the sky. It could be that the sensors NORAD uses over North America have been recalibrated (as Austin Lloyd stated in a TV interview) to include slower-moving objects. The speed at which they are travelling is also noteworthy, indicating that these objects are not of this 


NORAD - the U.S.-Canadian organization responsible for warning and defending against missile threats to North America - has been looking more closely for potential airborne threats, including by tweaking radar detection parameters. U.S. officials attributed the spike in part to NORAD sharpening the ability of its radar "gates" to detect small objects at high-altitudes, moving at slow speeds. "Radars essentially filter out information based on speed. So you can set various gates - we call them velocity gates - that allow us to filter out low-speed clutter," Gen. Glen VanHerck, who leads NORAD.

We don't own anything like that, at least not in public we don't.


Overall, this is a bizarre and fascinating event that has left many people wondering including myself about the nature of these UFOs. The video provides clear evidence of their existence, and it's clear that they are not human-made objects. It will be interesting to see what further investigation reveals about this remarkable event so keep checking back for updates.

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Credit: Dozier_dog Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Interesting how one of the lights actually shined "on" the trees... Sorry. Not buying it. Better luck next time.

  2. There is some water in the front of the building, with reflections from the building lights and the skyline in the water. You do not see any reflections of the lights when they go over the area, nor when they go side to side on the skyline. Sorry, but looks fake to me.

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