3 UFOs Next To Trump's Airplane In New York And one Disappears

Okay this triple UFO sighting has just been caught on live TV today Tuesday 4th April 2023 on CNN to be exact over LaGuardia airport at 3:27 pm as Trump's plane lands.

There's always something going on in the world with regards to UFOs, they seem to be at interesting or historic point's in time.

3 bizarre looking UFOs that meet the Trump airplane in New York USA 4th April 2023.

3 UFOs flying over LaGuardia airport meeting Trump airplane.

This is a fantastic video because it's probably history in the making that we're seeing which backs up the theory that it's us controlling the UFOs.


Why does it back it up that it's us controlling UFOs that can disappear because Extraterrestrial entities aren't interested in Trump I'm sorry but it's the stone-cold truth only humans are interested in the goings-on in domestic US politics.

Why would real UFOs be interested in that? Only humans are not only fascinated by it but we seem to be hooked on it.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

So it makes sense that it's possible humans controlling UFOs maybe in the future (don't laugh) because guys' technology never sleeps and in 50 years we will have gone through all kinds of tech like 6th generation technology, 7th generation technology and possibly 8th generation and so on.

What does 7th-generation technology look like? What does 8th generation technology look like the one thing that I do know is that if we survive the Russia/Ukraine conflict then it's gonna evolve into 6th, 7th, 8th and beyond technological evolutions the likes of that we can only laugh at now!

Just like when people laughed at the mention of a wheel! People will mock what they know zero about.

It stands to reason that humanity is interested in human history, not Extraterrestrial life forms because we probably bore them to tears just like their "politics" would bore us to bits. It would bore me to tears.

But yet people seem to be fascinated by the Trump circus and the other craziness that humanity gets up to. That's why it stands to reason that if people do eventually have tech that can appear out of thin air it would be at an interesting point in time. Or perceived interesting points in time...

Okay, it sounds so far-fetched I get that but that UFO just disappeared on live TV.

Explain it.

Pilots have gone on record saying that they just appeared from nowhere and disappeared into thin air. Then there's the UAP disclosure with videos filmed in Infrared where we cannot even see them except for the black and white infrared camera footage!

Witness statement:

I was watching the news and then I came across trump's airplane and then I saw what it seemed to be like UFOs in the sky by his plane It was around 12:27 p.m. Yeah I thought to myself that secret service would not allow helicopters or drones around the ex-president's airplane.

Stephenlb562 Instagram 

If it wasn't for the FLIR cameras on the Air Force jets and Navy jets we wouldn't have known about the UAPs. Louis Elizondo wouldn't have known about them.

It doesn't sound so funny now that we have the stone-cold facts about UFOs/UAPs does it? I'll admit it does sound funny if you don't understand the facts if you weren't up to date about the UAP genre you'd probably think what sounded bizarre or even crazy about what I've just written.


It's so important to know as much as you can in Ufology otherwise connecting the dots just seem like grasping at straws and absurd leaps in logic.

It proves that misinformation or the lack of understanding is the route of all ignorance! It proves it beyond any understanding as far as I'm concerned. It's probably some sort of technology that is born out of exotic technology or reverse-engineered technology brought together but the likes of which aren't public "yet" or widely known outside of the cutting-edge technology research circles and developmental organizations and privately funded by individuals that are at the top tier of their sophisticated know-how.

Or it's just 2 secret service drones keeping an eye on proceedings and the other one that disappeared was a passing real UFO that saw it was Trump and thought "no way, no drama today please, I don't want to know I'm off."

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Credit: Stephenlb562 Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. The two biggest ones look like helicopters to me. Move like them too.

  2. I have always believed in UFOS and extraterrestrials. There’s so much information that has been brought to light that many people won’t or can’t accept, I.e., The Bible for one prime example. It’s a great story to make you feel warm, buttery and loved, but it has been so twisted and reinterpreted by “Scholars” as to absolutely tell the real truth about religion and how it started from one source and has become a divisive issue for those who choose to believe it. I myself have my own personal opinions about who Jesus Christ really was, obviously not of this world, more Alien presence than human and how morphed his character has become. GODS only son who “supposedly created the earth and universe and sent him to earth…. duh! Now if that’s not a story which science has proven inaccurate with supporting scientific data and archaeological discoveries proving overwhelming evidence that man was NOT CREATED BY GOD, but by the Alien cultures 215,000 years ago. Of course this would destroy the religious culture of our world and so we go on and on telling ourselves that all is well with the Biblical Scenario.

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