Huge Ring Of Lights UFO In The Sky Over Kenya

Here's what I call a bizarre-looking ring of light in the clouds over Kenya or Chile (I'll explain) with the eyewitness filming it and then he sent me the video straight away afterwards.

A huge ring of light's looks like a Flying Saucer or UFO in the clouds.

We can see a pinpoint of light in the clouds suggesting a physical object in the cloud.

What appears to be a UFO of light in the Kenyan night sky in 2020.

We can see a pinpoint of light in the clouds suggesting a physical object is in the cloud.

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He stated in the description of the video that it was "just filmed over Kenya" but in the original video, he sent me there's an emoji face with the word Chile next to it.


I've reached out for more clarification on this UFO sighting and I'll add more information if and when I get it.

So it's a bit confusing and conflicting information unless it's stating to chill or chill out maybe? Either way, I've asked him all the usual questions about this UFO sighting as we need to know what is right. I want to know how it got there, what it's doing there and where this was filmed for sure. As I'm looking into this online there are many similar rings of light's been filmed around the world. There's been a lot over the USA like in Minnesota, in Texas, in Jackson Township and Stillwater and over Shakopee Archery Range so it's not an isolated event by any stretch of the imagination. I received the DM on Instagram on the 19th of July 2020. It's been in a separate folder all this time, I'm not happy about it.

Witness statement:

Hey, I live in Kenya and this thing was recorded a few minutes ago slowly hovering and moving before it disappeared.


People are talking in the video with what sounds like strong African accents so it could be that it was filmed over Kenya. Or should I say that it's a likelihood that it's correct what the witness is saying? We should always take everyone at their word unless conflicting information is available because it's the right thing to do. Unless information comes up later on down the line which questions what they have said or written as is in this case we should believe people. We can't lose our humanity by disbelieving everyone straight away as that's not good in any situation.


This can't be a hoax or a fake video, can it? Has it been artificially set up or planned that would be a huge effort on anyone's part?

Firstly the hoaxer would need a mile-long ladder with a lot of cables and lights.

Okay, that's joking it's not gonna happen in any way shape or form because car roofs aren't big enough. Where would you put them afterwards?

It's probably impossible to fake this unless a superhuman effort occurred and if we look closely we can see a pinpoint light in the clouds. An actual bright light in the cloud. I'll circle it in the image. After looking at the video many times in detail it is clear that there's nothing that suggests were being duped and that's at all. I don't believe we're being duped at all.

The lights in the sky over Kenya are in a perfect round position spaced between each other with the light radiating outwards and not onto or into the clouds which is a good sign that something is inside the clouds.


Whatever is inside the cloud it's round, and there's light including points on the object where the lights are probably attached or protruding outward. These lights are all at specific arrangements on the object. That's very particular and not part of natural phenomena going on within the clouds.

So what is it?

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Credit: itsjust_adam_Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. An UFO enthusiast, I’m also Kenyan. There have been no reported UFO sightings.In fact, there have been no UFO/UAP sightings in our part of the world for decades.

  2. I can also confirm that those speaking in the clip are speaking a slang version of Kiswahili. One is saying “could you move this way”. Another one seemingly in panic exclaims “isn’t this a descending UFO…”

    But as indicated above, there has been no reported sighting in Kenya. Local media - even local social media - which Kenyans are massive users of - haven’t featured news of any UFO sighting(s) as far as I know. It’s help to repost the Instagram handle of the source of the video. I can’t find such a user.

  3. Something else: As already stated, I’m a UFO enthusiast. If a region has had for years no known UFO sightings and then suddenly there are real sightings, it’s usually an ominous sign. Expect calamities.

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