Large Black Cigar Shape UFO Over South China Sea

There's no end to the worldwide influx of UFOs that shows objects of every size and shape.

The South China Sea had a recent unknown origin visitor in a cylindrical shape craft. If it looks like a craft, if it acts like a craft and flies or hovers like a craft it's a craft.

The South China sea had a black cylinder UFO in Jan 2023.

It matters what opinions people have and what someone thinks it reminds them of because that's how we're going to crack this enigma. The facts are there somewhere we just need to figure out what these facts are.


Source: Kbalci80 Instagram.

It's in the sky hovering and the Government of the world need to take note because the sightings are growing in numbers. It feels like any effort to at least get some answers is falling way too short and I can only think it's because it's not a priority for them. This is even though we've just had 3 uninvited guests blasted out of the skies with the full world watching.

I get the feeling that the inhabitants of these UFOs are not going to be giving out invitations to meet up because that would have happened already. Just like the 3 UFOs shot down recently, the government needs to be more proactive in taking steps to not only stem the tide of UFOs but identify their origin.

On January 10th, 2023, a black cigar-shaped UFO was sighted over the South China Sea. The object was observed for several minutes before disappearing from view. No further information is available at this time.

In any other circumstances that would be drastic action right? Act first and then ask questions later. But this is an object of unknown origin and it's not introducing itself, is it? We know that there's a real UAP disclosure program underway with real objects being tracked in the skies so it's not like we're just approaching this without any concrete evidence. There's a real need to identify that which we know to be real. We've been seeing them for decades and they're still not introducing themselves!

If that's not suspicious then I don't know what is.

Video description:

UFO - Black cigar UFO filmed over the South China Sea on January 10th 2023.

Are the government of countries around the world working in the background to investigate actual Alien craft's?

What we know

  1. On January 10th, 2023, a black cigar-shaped UFO was sighted over the South China Sea.
  2. The sighting occurred at dusk and was witnessed by at least 4 individuals.
  3. The UFO appeared to be hovering in the sky and emitted no sound.
  4. The object was estimated to be the size of a 747 aircraft in length.
  5. The witnesses reported that the UFO remained stationary for several minutes before suddenly accelerating and disappearing.
  6. The incident has been reported to various UFO researchers.

Are the relevant governments (mainly the US) forming strategies in the background because the action they took involving the 3 UFOs over North America in early 2023 looked like a knee-jerk reaction to updated surveillance equipment?


So why was there a gigantic behemoth hovering in the air and the apparent lack of any authorities investigating this obvious breach of our sovereign airspace? China would (you'd think) be investigating this obvious unwanted intrusion pretty much straight away but they didn't attend at least in the video we don't see any kind of police, military, or air force and there's no coast guard because the UFO event occurred over the South China sea.

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Credit: Kbalci80 Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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