Bones May Have Been Found On Mars

Scientists have discovered what appear to be bone-like protrusions on a rock on Mars.

This discovery has led some to speculate that either dinosaurs or fish may have once lived on the Red Planet. The photos taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover show these strange objects sticking out of the rocky surface of Mars.

The Mars Rover photographed a rock with bones sticking out.

Creature that looks like a crab on Mars.

Stone rock on Mars with dinosaur or fish bones sticking out.

What a bizarre-looking rock with what even I'm saying that looks like ribs from an ancient long-dead fish maybe or a Dinosaur?


While the discovery is fascinating, scientists caution that further investigation is needed to determine the true nature of these bone-like protrusions.

They may be simply geological formation that happens to resemble bone. However, if they are indeed evidence of past life on Mars, it would be a groundbreaking discovery that could change our understanding of the universe.

The Mirror

The findings were taken by both the rover's mast camera and ChemCam on April 1, Martian day Sol 3786, sparking exciting debate online.

Guesses at what is shown in the images range from fish bone fossils to a dragon-like creatures.

Regardless of the true nature of these protrusions, the discovery serves as a reminder of the vast mysteries that still exist in our universe. As we continue to explore and learn more about the cosmos, we may uncover even more incredible discoveries that challenge our understanding of the world around us.

It's the closest we have come to finding bones on Mars so far.

I'm pretty sure that you have something to say about this, do rocks erode into rib-like structures perfectly sized the same and separated by the same equal distance? It's definitely what I thought as well.

Nature or should I say the nature on Mars may be different from nature on Earth because of the difference between the atmospheres and the lack of minerals or the greater amount of certain other elements that could have come together to form different structures of rocks. 

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Credit: Leak Project/Mirror/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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