Mountain Creates Massive Smoke Rings Anomaly

In a recent online video, a massive smoke ring was captured moving swiftly through the clouds but what caused it?

As of now today Friday 7th April 2023 there's no information with this exceptional video but it could be that an object created it or the volcano itself created it.

The volcano in the video makes a large white smoke ring.

Volcano itself created a monster smoke ring.

We just don't know enough but keep an ear out listening to what the witness at the event says at the beginning of the video about something creating it and shooting through the clouds.


That's very interesting that he would say that especially when he's there in person with a direct view before and after the event.

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Although the origin of the ring is unknown, it is speculated that it was caused by an object passing through the dense smoke from a nearby volcano.

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The video is a fascinating display of natural phenomena, and despite the lack of information, it is still a remarkable sight to behold.

It's probably the volcano itself creating the smoke ring burping out a long-lasting and satisfying smoke ring.

The video begins with someone stating that the object shot through the clouds, indicating that it was moving at a high speed. The smoke ring is visible and appears to be quite large, suggesting that the object that caused it was also sizable. While there is no information about what caused the ring, it is still an impressive display of nature's power.


Overall, the video is a testament to the incredible things that can occur in our world especially when it comes to phenomena. It could be an unknown origin craft that flew fast through the clouds and created the smoke ring. Despite not knowing exactly what caused the smoke ring, it is still a remarkable sight to see and slots nicely into the unknown. It is a reminder of the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and the importance of appreciating the wonders of nature and the possible unknown source entities.

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Credit: Kadir Balci Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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