Unknown Spacecaft Nearly Hits Another Aircraft In The Sky

Top secret technology, secret aircraft or unknown origin craft nearly hits another aircraft high in the clouds.

That is flying recklessly and dangerously high up in the clouds and it just missed another aircraft.

Unknown origin craft nearly hits another aircraft.

This is more than likely a highly sophisticated aircraft of unknown origins which it could belong to the commercial sector or the private sectors.


It wouldn't surprise me if it were a secret aircraft using advanced aircraft technology.

We just don't know what it is.

That type of technology is almost certainly classified because of the probable military applications and the needs and purposes for advanced warcraft. It's probably got everything the Reaper drones has but looks nothing like it. It has the look and surface area of the X-47B drone but this isn't that I can assure you.

The UFO looks like a diamond shape from underneath and from the side it looks like a disk with a dome on the top. From the front of it it looks like it's flying backwards just because of it's overall confusing shape it makes it like nothing else I've ever seen and that's why I'm writing about it.

We're probably talking about a stealth aircraft that can use all the usual blocking and jamming technology trying its hardest to become invisible in the background. The shape of any aircraft does determine its signature on instruments.


Could this shape, or type of craft penetrate any airspace, and maybe could it even fly into space and then re-enter Earth's atmosphere? The holy grail of any aircraft/spacecraft would be to do what Elon creating now with the SpaceX re-entry vehicle. But if it is this is on a smaller individual effort. Elon Musk's efforts are on a cargo-type effort which is to go big, very big.

A NASA contract demands a cargo-type effort.

Is this the "person or people carrier" type of spacecraft...

Could we be looking at another example of space pioneering but from a "very private" effort by an equally determined pioneer of space vehicles? It could be a very private group of like-minded people focused on research and development instead of image and other distracting factors. Focused solely on the development of the aircraft stroke spacecraft on behalf of a group of people or Government endeavour!

Because of its large surface area underneath it, it can probably glide just like a sail would and also a glider silently flying through the atmosphere and that's why it reminded me of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft which has a very similar shape underneath with all that surface area designed to glide through the atmosphere.

But I could be wrong as it's a guess based on the shape and its profile and I'm not an expert just an observer. I've just looked up the Virgin Galactic spacecraft shape and yes it's similar looking underneath.

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Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. I doubt it's a human aircraft.

  2. I'm relatively certain this isn't technology of this earth or dimensión, take your pick. Myself, I'm leaning toward the other dimensional angle. It fliers in the manner describe by Bob Lazar when he discussed the manner in which the craft he worked on flew interestingly enough.

  3. Look at other videos like this and notice they all appear to be traveling in the opposite direction of the aircraft. It's as if these pilots have forgotten they're traveling at high speed and a stationary object would pass by them just as quickly. Alternatively find a video of these encounters with it traveling horizontally or vertically at those speeds and maybe I won't think it's a mylar balloon.

  4. I saw a Walmart sack at 15,000 feet. The resemblance to this is uncanny.

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