4 UFOs Flying In Restricted Airspace Over West Virginia

Four unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were spotted flying over restricted airspace near a power plant in West Virginia USA in January of 2009.

4 UFOs over power station West Virginia USA in January 2009.

The objects were spherical and white, making it difficult to distinguish one from the other. Nuclear power plants have restrictions on the airspace around them for security reasons in most countries.

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Despite efforts to narrow down the location of where these types of UFO Orbs originate, they continue to elude everyone including agencies with satellites at their disposal. They are seen in various areas.


No country in the world can have an aircraft which looks like this and guy I'll be honest with you, the recent AARO announcement about them not having any evidence of Extraterrestrial craft operating on Earth is laughable. They even went as far as to say it's likely a foreign adversary... Continue below.

Specific UFO Details

Date: 5th January 2009

Place: West Virginia, US

Day: Monday

In the video, it states this:

Four UFOs with paraphysical aspects (not metallic nor technological) cast shadows on the ground. Remaining like that for a minute until they moved away as they arrived. Being recorded all the time.


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I genuinely don't understand how they've come to this conclusion or if they're just toeing the line, spouting something that they've been told to say or if they genuinely have their eyes closed. Multiple people have aired their worries about this announcement because it's as if they were asleep during the recent UFOs shot down over North America in February 2023.

Were they asleep, seriously someone woke up AARO and played the tapes quickly.

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This particular UFO sighting is reminiscent of a similar incident in Japan, which I covered. It happened in Japan where 10 white spherical UFOs were seen hovering over a power plant. The similarities between the two sightings suggest that these UFOs may be connected in some way. However, further investigation is needed to determine the nature and origin of these mysterious objects.

I've been saying for years that we're all under surveillance by these UAPs! Which by the way, have been accepted as real, ie yes the UFOs/UAPs filmed in Infrared are real and that's by the US Government. In other words, it's neither here nor there if you disagree with it.


In the meantime, authorities must be monitoring the situation closely (they should be) to ensure the safety and security of the power plant. Can you imagine if they (UFOs) turn up again and something bad happens because if they're not vigilant and this evidence is available then someone would ask the question "You knew but did nothing?"

Not a physical object yet they do cast a shadow. Not metallic nor technological, this is a great puzzle for someone to get a hold of and figure out. "Paraphysical aspect" it's a good idea to have as much information as possible to get anywhere near the answer and even then what we think these things are might turn out to be something else entirely.

UFOs Cause For Concern or Not

The presence of these UFOs raises questions about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and their interest in our planet. It remains to be seen whether these sightings are a cause for concern or simply a fascinating phenomenon.

Here's the extraordinary evidence of UFOs over a Japanese power plant from the Daily Mail.

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  1. I have a sign made up in case I see one near my home that says "Come get me !! There is no intelligent life here anywhere !!

  2. This article is foreign. Guessing from Chinese liars.

  3. People can not handle the fact that if it snows you don’t have to rush to the store and clear out all the bread and milk. How can they possibly handle an announcement that there are visitors from another planet we know nothing about. That’s why the government doesn’t say anything.

    1. I understand that governments don't want to cause mass panic. The disclosure could possibly cause many people to lose their religious beliefs.

  4. West Virginia doesn’t have nuclear power plants. Maybe someone got the location wrong,.

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