The Clearest Video Of A UFO At The ISS

A strange and unsettling event occurred at the International Space Station recently not that long ago in 2020.

Pyramid shape UFO sighting at the ISS.

Cleaned up image of the 22 minutes UFO sighting at the ISS.

Cleaned up and looking as detailed as possible, it's like nothing in our inventory!

A UFO with a strange type of pyramid-like structure to its shape was spotted and filmed for just over 22 minutes.


I can't believe how clear and detailed this UFO video has turned out to be. The detail is unlike anything else filmed before of possible "Alien origins" before.


The object resembled a black hive and flew off directly upwards and away from the ISS. Despite this, both the astronauts and NASA chose to ignore it, which is concerning. It was filmed in 2020 according to the video. Since when can we trust an agency tasked with searching space for evidence of Extraterrestrial life that ignores an unknown origin craft that has seemingly sought them out?

Talk about bizarre, this event is upside down and inside out. Why would they ignore what could have been a historic moment in human beings timeline, unless there's something else here at play about which we know nothing? Is it something that the public isn't allowed to know about?

Could this be a secret stealth technology craft that's off course or was this a case of a mix up of communication? Then there's the deliberate airing on TV of secret technology that adversaries didn't know was real... Till now!

Couple of facts

Whichever scenario was at play here someone or something else is aware of this and this thing being where it was wasn't by accident. The fact that the ISS is traveling at 7.66 km/s (that's fast) means a catastrophic accident was narrowly averted on this day by just mere meteres!


It is alarming that such a bizarre and unexplained occurrence was simply brushed aside. The fact that the object had a pyramid shape and flew away directly upwards is particularly concerning. It is disappointing that NASA did not take a more proactive approach to investigate this event and provide an explanation for what was captured on film.

  • A pyramid-shaped UFO was filmed at the (ISS) International Space Station.
  • The UFO was black and had a hive-like appearance.
  • The footage lasted approximately 22 minutes.
  • The astronauts and NASA ignored the UFO but did zoom in once or twice.
  • The UFO flew off directly upwards and away from the ISS.

But this type of UFO event isn't the first time it's happened as other UFOs have turned up at the ISS and NASA caught them too on the live feed only for engineers to turn off the live feed cameras and not mention it when the feed came back on.

Overall, the sighting of this pyramid-shaped UFO at the (ISS) International Space Station is a cause for concern. We must take such events seriously and investigate them thoroughly to ensure the safety and security of those on board the ISS and beyond.

Recently, there was a reported sighting of a UFO near the International Space Station (ISS). Despite this, NASA has chosen not to acknowledge or investigate the incident. The reasons for this decision are unknown at this time.

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Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Our corrupt government has covered up UFO activity for many decades, so don't expect that to change...

  2. With all the amazing camera tech we have nowadays, including iphones? i've yet to see a believable photo of any alien craft !

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