A UFO Slowly Flying Over Texas Stuns Woman

In January 2023, an eerie UFO event occurred over Texas in the US that left witnesses in shock. We can see the UFO low and just above and behind the treetops.

The sighting is affecting the woman who is filming this. We can hear how shocked she is in her voice.

Red and white UFO over Texas in January 2023.

Texas UFO sighting January of 2023 with 6 lights.

The unidentified flying object or UFO as they've always been known was bizarre in appearance and came dangerously close to the witness.


The craft was able to manoeuvre with ease, indicating that whoever was in control of it had advanced technology.

The witness, a woman who was filming the event, sounded shocked and almost in disbelief. The encounter left her shaken and questioning what she had just witnessed as you'd expect in this situation. The incident has sparked interest and speculation among UFO enthusiasts and researchers.

Many fellow UFO enthusiasts have been talking about this UFO sighting and to be fair there are probably no official answers for this just because it's a UFO. But even if we do by some fluke get a response you can probably tell what that response would be already.

It's seemingly clamping down and when I say "it's" I mean the people who are in charge of investigating UAPs and UFOs. It genuinely feels like it's (UAP disclosure) going backwards instead of how I felt about disclosure at the beginning of February 2023 when I dared to believe full disclosure was going to happen.

If felt as if it was within sight seriously I thought it was going to happen. And so did a lot of people only for it to be kicked back under the carpet of despair.

They haven't said anything recently about the UAPs or should I say cover-up of the 3 UFOs taken down over North America in February 2023. They just recently told Congress that there's no Extraterrestrial connection to any of the UAPs (650) and that we should be looking at other countries' advanced aerial technology instead.

Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, also looked to tamp down some of the out-of-this-world speculations about what’s behind the sightings, telling senators that his shop has found no evidence of alien activity.


Quite how these foreign adversaries can get UAPs into space without the US knowing is beyond me. Also, they're saying (between the lines) that Aliens don't exist and that the job they're doing isn't worth anything. That's just me reading between the lines I understand that. He (Sean Kirkpatrick) didn't say that Aliens don't exist just that they've found no evidence of Extraterrestrial craft. Yet it's clear that they are real. AARO (All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office) needs to thread a piece of cotton thread through a space needle and believe me it's going to be difficult!

Getting Washington to accept what's going on is going to be hard because it's just way too much of a threat to their grip on power. Plus there are the religious implications.

It was almost a resignation letter because, with everything that was being delivered at the meeting, it was taking everything that had been achieved thus far and simply dismissing it. Word by excruciating word it was been downplayed and almost twisted.

Let's not forget that 3 UFOs had just been aimed at by a US Air Force jet and missiles (over North America) had been fired at them which were taken down. The Chinese balloon was recovered from the water! These UFOs came down over ice! They could have walked out and picked them up. I just don't get it, all 3 UFO recoveries were called off at the same time due to bad weather. And we've never heard anything about them ever since.

Timeline, February 2023 UFOs:

Feb 4th, 
Chinese balloon shot down.

Feb 10th, 
UFO shot down over Alaska.

Feb 11th, 
UFO is shot down over Canada.

Feb 12th,
UFO is shot down over Lake Huron, Michigan.

Feb 17th, 
The search for the (Extraterrestrial) craft is disbanded or called off should I say?

Did you know that reporters asked Kirby if the United States Air Force had been overreacting to this threat and do you know what he emphatically said: "Absolutely not!" He went on to state: "It was exactly the right thing to do at exactly the right moment."

Yes, you'd be right to think Air Force jets film every flight.

So evidence no matter what "one way or another" does exist. But there seems to be a complete and utter media blackout.


Despite the lack of concrete evidence, the Texas UFO event serves as a reminder that there are still many mysteries in our world waiting to be uncovered. As technology advances, we may one day be able to unravel the secrets behind these unexplained phenomena.

An exclusive by the Daily Mail confirms that the US Government's Pentagon does have images of the downed UFOs. Here's an extraordinary quote:

Pentagon REFUSES to release footage of three UFOs shot down over Alaska by US fighter jets' sidewinder missiles - despite admitting that images of the wreckage exist.

Daily Mail  

There you go, Extraterrestrial life probably does exist because the Chinese balloon was paraded on TV for the world to see but the 3 UFOs are covered up and images do exist! I have my answer. And that's just it with Ufology, there are no official answers so you, must use your overall knowledge and experience plus information on UFOs that you've researched and found and make your choice.

I believe.

Yes, I believe because of the years and year's worth of UFO research and understanding of the evidence put forward including people whose film the plethora of UFOs over our heads.

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Credit: NY Times/Cortesia Natalie Gomez/Pentagon/Politico/UFO Global italia/Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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