UFO Obliterates Nuclear Warhead Missile First Lutenant Testified

Robert Jacobs, a retired Air Force officer and current professor at Bradley University, has claimed to have witnessed a UFO firing 4 beams of light at a nuclear weapon.

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The best evidence for Extraterrestrials operating on Earth is going to come from those involved with this.

Video showing flying saucer disabled nuclear weapon Vandenberg AFB in 1964.

Flying saucer filmed firing light at nuclear weapon disabling it.

The incident reportedly occurred in September of 1964, when Jacobs was stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, US. Despite the shocking nature of his account, Jacobs was ordered to keep quiet about the incident.


It's only a short video but it cuts out the boring and gets straight to the best part with the UFO disabling the nuclear weapon and we see the smoke coming from it.

This is typical of a secretive organisation and yes it's very organised because it's stayed quiet for decades. You don't have secrets like that stay quiet in a disorganized organization!

The UFO specifics

The implications of Jacobs' story are staggering. If true, it would suggest that extraterrestrial beings possess technology far beyond our own and that they are capable of interfering with our most powerful weapons. It is concerning that Jacobs was ordered to remain silent about the incident, as it raises questions about the government's knowledge of and involvement with UFOs.

What's the truth behind UFO sightings

Overall, Jacobs' account is both fascinating and alarming. While some may dismiss it as a mere conspiracy theory, it is important to consider the possibility that we are not alone in the universe and that we may one day come face to face with beings from beyond our planet.

Then what, all the deniers will have eggs on their face because as old as the answer is it remains that if we exist on Earth then why not others in space? - Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

This is more than a bombshell statement, it's the holy grail of Ufology in terms of evidence because this isn't just another testimony by some random guy off the street.

Check out my YouTube channel.

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This is a statement where an Air Force officer could go to jail. Is that not about as serious as it gets, you are right it's as serious as it gets!

  • Robert Jacobs, a retired Air Force officer and current professor at Bradley University, reported observing a UFO firing four beams of light at a nuclear weapon.
  • Despite his report, Jacobs was ordered to keep quiet about the incident.
  • The fact that the military would silence someone with such a credible background is concerning and raises questions about what they might be hiding.
  • Individuals need to speak out about their experiences, even if they may be met with scepticism or pushback.
  • Jacobs' bravery in coming forward with his story should be commended and serves as a reminder to always question authority and seek the truth.

Robert Jacobs is now a professor at Bradley University in the US and it just gets better and better the more you read about this story. He was ordered to shut up (literally) and say nothing.

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The obvious goes without saying that he'd be thrown in jail if he so much as muttered a single word about it in his sleep. Everything at the time was riding on him and his colleagues to say nothing and quietly go about their business as usual saving the USA from any Russian threat.

He can talk now I assume because the length of time the gagging order was for has expired I assume it's 30 years?

He was watching a flying saucer fire 4 beams of light at this warhead they were testing to evade detection by firing chaff underneath the missile so the Russian radars would lock onto that and the nuclear weapons could carry on and fly over the countermeasures and chaff, and hit Moscow.


This guy is no joke, he's top-notch in terms of evidence and I'll tell you now there's probably nobody else on this planet who has these credentials who are coming forward with evidence (eyewitnesses are evidence) and it's accepted anywhere else on the planet in any settings as fact.

So why not be accepted as evidence in Ufology?

It's that serious when you testify at any Government hearing because it's perjury when you lie after taking an oath right. That's anyone's understanding of giving evidence when you're under oath. It's The right thing to do is tell the truth it goes without saying that if you like under oath, you're going to jail.

So when a First Lieutenant officer in the US Army tells us something like this do we just ignore it as a conspiracy theory as officials would probably like us to or do we see it as real and serious as if it was fact? I don't think a career professional would be able to hold down the positions that he has if he was a fantasist or liar. Liars don't usually wait for old age to get started. You'd think that they normally wouldn't wait around for anyone and they'd start lying from the second they can speak!

For more on this see the link to The Sun below. This is a fascinating story and the implications are mind-blowing.

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I believe that the nuclear weapon was from or at Vandenberg AFB.

Credit: The Sun/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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