According To Tucker Carlson Over 100 Servicemen Killed By UFOs

Okay, destiny's compelling me to write about this because different apps and different browsers (laptop and phone browsers) keep bringing this up constantly.

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This YouTube video backs up what Tucker is claiming as well. The information is out there, I've brought various pieces together to back up the claims which are stacking up.

Controversial stuff, the US Government is being sued for the unlikeliest and frankly speaking the last thing you'd expect a court case for which is service personnel being killed by UFOs.


I genuinely didn't know how to take it, it's Tucker Carlson so it gives a bit more intrigue right? And so I started looking into this and apparently, it's real.

This Daily Mail news article backs up what Tucker say's (love him or hate him it doesn't matter) because a top CIA officer and he's a brain expert according to his credentials. What Tuckers Saying was written by the Daily Mail in 2022 with all the information and I mean all of it here's a quick quote from the news article:

Detroit Professor Christopher Green was commissioned around 2010 by a secret $ 22 million defence program monitoring UFOs, to write a paper on injuries from close encounters with 'anomalous' craft.

Daily Mail  

You can take it or leave what TC say's because it's something that he's just saying or it's his stance so-to-speak but the fact is that all of what he's saying is verifiable which is super important in this case. What he says isn't the first time it's been put into the public as we can see by just doing a few keywords research. It's fascinating to hear people say anonymous this and unknown source when it's all available to the public.

There's another quick quote I want to point out from the same news article:

Hundreds of military officers have had injuries including brain damage and burns after encounters with UFOs, a top brain expert and former CIA officer has revealed.

But you've got to admit that it's interesting and what does anyone have to gain from this story? The answer is probably nothing but help for the servicemen which is the right thing to do. They deserve all the help and respect and love because it's their job to keep you safe.

I think it's about time that the mainstream media outlets dig into this just like the Daily Mail has done which is amazing of them. We just don't know if it's as simple as that though bringing the story to the world it seems has already been done. I truly hope within my heart of heart's that the US servicemen's families have their day.

The story

Recently, Tucker Carlson, the popular but now ex-Fox News commentator, made a startling revelation during an interview with the Full Send podcast. Carlson revealed that over 100 families of U.S. servicemen had filed court cases against the Department of Defense (DoD) for refusing to give them death or medical benefits. The reason? These servicemen had been killed by UFOs.

"That story is false," Susan Gough, a Defense Department spokesperson, told Military Times. The Pentagon declined to comment further.

This begs the question: are UFOs of Extraterrestrial origin real, and if so, what is their involvement with the U.S. military? The military has had a long and tumultuous relationship with UFO sightings, with many reports being dismissed as phenomena such as weather balloons or other aircraft and yes swamp gas.

Good old faithful swamp gas.

However, more and more credible reports are emerging about encounters with UFOs, including from trained military pilots. These people are trained observers and trained identifiers who can't explain immediately or thereafter what they're seeing or have seen. The sightings have sparked fear and debate about the possibility of Extraterrestrial life and their intentions towards Earth.

Check recent Space Force announcements.

The revelation that the families of U.S. servicemen killed by UFOs have been denied death and medical benefits by the DoD raises serious concerns. If these individuals truly died in service to their country, then why would the government not provide benefits to their families?

According to Carlson, the anonymous source said he was an expert researcher and witness who claimed nuclear energy appears to attract UFOs in such cases.

Additionally, the fact that these cases were even filed demonstrates that there is some level of acknowledgement of the existence of UFOs and their involvement with the military. The lack of transparency around this issue only adds to the growing public distrust of the government and military.

It is time for the government to come clean about what they know about UFOs and their interaction with the military. The families of the servicemen who were killed by UFOs deserve answers, and the public deserves transparency. It is time for the government to stop dismissing these sightings and take them seriously.

It seemed like we were getting somewhere with disclosure in the last few years but after February of 2023 with the debacle over the trio of UFOs over North America, I don't know what to think. I have mixed feelings about it because yes we got a lot of answers and new protocols and infrastructure 

The truth is out there, and it's time for the government to start acknowledging it.

If you've got any thoughts on this as I always say please share it with us and let's all learn together. That's why I write, to learn. And please don't forget to share this post, thank you.

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