The Clearest Video Of Chinese Balloon Which Had A Camera

The clearest video of the Chinese balloon that had a camera on it. There's lots of solar panels and an array of satellite dishes for communication.

In a shocking revelation, a clear video has surfaced depicting the alleged Chinese spy balloon shot down in February.

We see the camera on the Chinese balloon.

We see the red light on the Chinese balloon camera.

The video, which is making rounds on social media, shows the balloon in unprecedented detail, "say cheese" with viewers being able to make out the camera, solar panels, and a series of satellite dishes.


The spy balloon, which belongs to China, has set off alarm bells in various countries as it is believed to be a part of China's expansion of its global surveillance operations. The discovery of this spy balloon raised questions about the extent of global surveillance taking place at the time, and whether the general public is aware of the extent of such operations.

This video shows what anyone with a good, decent smartphone can achieve with the camera.

The video was sent to me through Instagram DMs by a member of the public. Many countries expressed their concerns over the use of such technology by China. The video has also stoked fears of invasion of privacy, leading to many questioning the morality of such operations.

And rightly so because if we reverse the roles here (of the humble smartphone) we can see the zoom into this balloon which is epic, it doesn't make it right though I suppose? The camera on the balloon can probably do the same right back and in other spectrums? The amazing zoom capabilities of cameras means that we can instantly see anything from miles and miles away. The privacy concerns are legit and we've got to ask the question "just what was they looking for or at?"

Experts in the field of national security have been quick to weigh in on the issue, with many calling for greater transparency in the use of surveillance technology. The discovery of this spy balloon has highlighted the need for tighter regulations on the development and deployment of such technology.

The UFOs that was shot down over North America was filmed but still haven't been made available to the public.

The revelation has also raised concerns about the breach of air and territorial space, as countries have a right to control who operates within its airspace. This incident reminds us that we are at a critical juncture in terms of privacy and national security, and we must be vigilant to safeguard both.

Rightly so in my opinion.

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Credit: J. Menc Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.