Silver Flying Saucer Filmed Next To Blackpool Tower

I just stumbled upon something incredible in my Instagram DMs which is amazing.

A flying saucer was caught on camera over Blackpool next to the tower.

I received a message with three photos attached that clearly show a silver metallic Flying Disk or Saucer-type UFO. I mean, wow that thing should not be there at all!

Silver UFO disk over Blackpool UK August 2020.

I'm still not at the bottom of the messages that people have been sending to my Instagram page over the last 3 years. I did not turn on the setting to filter my messages which it's still off but messages are still being put in there go figure.

Close up of the silver UFO Disk over Blackpool tower UK August 2020.

This is not your average blurry photo of a supposed UFO because it's a definite outline of a Disk UFO. The photo is clearer than what people normally take as they're normally fast as they're trying to catch a UFO flying past them. This UFO was caught because the cameraperson was taking a photo anyway so it's not as blurred as normal. This was captured on August 11th, 2020 late afternoon. 

The UFO is right next to Blackpool Tower.

What's even more amazing is that there's nothing else in the photos that could be mistaken for a UFO. No advertisement beacons, flying kites, banners or helicopters pulling a banner behind it. It's late in the day and the big wheel lights are on, making the silver Disk even more visible. 

Maybe the UFO was flying fast but was in the wrong place at the right time, for us to see it in this photo. Kind of like a one-in-a-million UFO sighting?

I'm still going through my Instagram messages and can't believe this was mistakenly put into the hidden away "potentially offensive words folder" After 9 weeks I'm still not near the end of the list because messages are still being put in the folder. This is the kind of footage that could change the way we think about extraterrestrial life. I'm excited to see what other evidence might be out there and what people think about this UFO sighting.

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Credit: 00max00jjhj Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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