Light Swaying In The Cloud Looks Otherworldly

A fascinating video was shared with me on Instagram DMs just recently showcasing a wispy cirrus or crown flash as it's also known as, in layman's terms it's a swaying light in the cloud.

Wispy cirrus cloud anomaly swaying cloud light.

Light is refracted through the cloud's.

Above is another cloud anomaly that was sent to me through Instagram DMs which I thought it would go better in this post. Both images was taken over the USA. This type of light swaying in the cloud was not always well-known, but through observation and analysis, it has been thoroughly studied and understood.


Despite its unusual appearance, it is not a sign of extraterrestrial life or cloud sprites.

Similar sightings have been recorded in other parts of the world like Greenwood, Indiana 7 yes ago, leading some to speculate about the possibility of UFOs or other strange phenomena. However, extensive research has been conducted over the years, providing conclusive evidence that these sightings are simply wispy cirrus clouds.

Here's a brilliant quote from the site Slate:

What’s happening here is a wispy cirrus cloud, made up of ice crystals, is being impinged upon from below by a rising cumulus cloud. If the ice crystals in the cirrus are long and needle-shaped, they’ll align themselves with the electric field of the lower cumulus cloud, which is generated by up- and downdrafts inside the cumulus cloud. When the electric field suddenly changes (due to, say, lightning discharges inside the cloud), the ice crystals can snap into a different orientation, reflecting and refracting sunlight in a different direction (note that the plume in the video is the same color as the Sun.

In conclusion, while the appearance of a wispy cirrus cloud may be striking and unusual, it is a natural occurrence that has been thoroughly studied and understood. It is important to rely on factual evidence and scientific analysis to understand the world around us, rather than jumping to conclusions based on speculation or sensationalism.

While I enjoy the unknown phenomena just as much as the next person it's always a good thing to be able to understand for sure what's going on around us. It's not a good thing to believe that it's Alien's living inside the cloud messing around with a flashlight but then to tell others it's Alien's living in the clouds that's definitely not a good thing. Having the evidence is way better.

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