Alien Looking Sea Creature Is Caught By Fisherman

Phronima is a transparent Alien looking sea creature that can be found in open waters across the globe, except for polar regions.

I say Alien looking because it's not an Alien they was busy landing in Las Vegas in May 2023.

Unusual looking Alien Phronima caught off US coast by fisherman.

Phronima Alien looking sea creature was caught by fisherman.

It preys on other living species by killing them and hollowing out their middle. Every living thing has a purpose...


What kind of an existence is that where it preys on others but wears its body as a hat? The clip of this bizarre creature was caught off the US coast in June 2022. It's probably been in the oceans since the world began.

If you think this is strange, Las Vegas Metro Police recently filmed a UFO falling out of the sky and next minute a 911 call came in because Aliens was in persons backyard you can see the video here.

Curious sea creatures

Okay, this post is more about curiosity and oddness with an Alien looking creature than anything else but a transparent living being is Alien in every word of the sense word! It's just that this kind has a penchant for wearing "other sea creatures as a Stetson."

What is a Phronima

Despite its strange appearance, Phronima is not an alien. Its habitat does not help determine its location as it roams freely in open waters. The creature's ability to take over other living species is a unique adaptation that allows it to survive in its environment.

Researching and exploration

The discovery of Phronima highlights the vast diversity of marine life and the importance of continued exploration and research so we can look at our screens with disgust hence the title.


I've said it many times before but it serves as a constant reminder that there is still much to be learned about the world's oceans and the creatures that inhabit them. All God's creatures are amazing no matter what they do or look like.

That's not taking any humans into account as well because humanity wears hats made from leather, let that sink in while you start to readjust your disgust towards people who wear animals as a hat!

The twist

See, that's the M. Knight Sharmarama (lol) twist you weren't expecting. Humans behave just the same as Phronima. We carve out animals and wear them as a hat.

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Credit: Daily Star/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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