Las Vegas Cops Just Witnessed A UFO Fall Out The Sky

On May 1st, 2023, at midnight, a UFO fell out of the sky in Las Vegas.

2 tall Alien type creatures was phoned into the police which are described as being 8 foot tall.

UFO Sightings Footage of Las Vegas Metro Police bodycam UFO sighting.

The incident was caught on a cop's bodycam footage from Las Vegas Metro Police, who immediately reported it.


Officers started to investigate it straight away as the caller did mention that 2 beings was stood beside it.

Officer and witness:

"what did you see", the witness said "like 2 creatures about 8 feet tall" the officer then states "I'll tell you now that another officer saw something fall out of the sky as well."

Guy's this is an amazing UFO piece of disclosure evidence because no FBI or Pentagon have got involved yet! But that might change as and when they do get involved because they will get involved per the AARO disclosure project. The cop's have blacked out parts of the video so who knows it might have already started to get covered up?

And what with the people who will no doubt ridicule it we might start to see this fade into obscurity. So please keep an open mind and just remember what you saw, people will try to add all sorts of doubt.

8 foot Aliens

Soon after, calls started coming in, with one caller claiming to have seen aliens standing next to the craft, while one was inside the UFO the one stood next to the UFO was apparently 8 foot and staring at the eye witness that called the police. The incident is very real and plausible, despite the deniers who will actively and deliberately try to throw doubt on it.

Be vigilant

The footage captured by the cop's bodycam (he's a trained, professional observer) shows a bright blue object falling from the sky and crashing into the caller's back yard. The object was identified as a UFO, and the incident was reported to the authorities. Secureteam10 YouTube channel featured this on their channel. Also UFO God Instagram has featured it.

The cop's witnessing all this happening right in front of him so the deniers can say what they want because the information is backed up here in the most unique way. It's probably the first time in history it's happened like that! The caller who claimed to have seen the aliens standing next to the craft reported feeling scared and intimidated by the experience.


Despite the skeptics who will try to discredit the incident (and they will mark my words) the footage captured by the cop's bodycam is undeniable evidence of the UFO's existence. It's real, it happened and that's pretty much the top and bottom of this UFO sighting.

The incident has sparked a lot of interest and speculation, with many people wondering about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The truth is out there, and this incident has brought us one step closer to uncovering it.

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Credit: Secureteam10/UFO God/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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