Paraglider Films Himself Chasing A UFO Over Texas

I recently stumbled upon a fascinating video of a paraglider flying over Garden Ridge, Texas chasing a UFO and it's jaw-dropping good.

UFO nearly hits a paraglider who then chases it.

Close up of the UFO paraglider chases over Texas may 2023.

While capturing his flight on camera which everyone else does the same thing, he must have been so surprised to come across a UFO in the sky.


But he did the unthinkable!

The paraglider quickly turned around and began to chase the mysterious UFO object. This may be the very first recorded instance of a person pursuing a UFO if not it's the first particular instance of someone using a paraglider to chase down a real bonafide UFO.

UFO sightings specifics;

  • Date: 31st May 2023
  • Place: Garden Ridge, Texas, USA
  • Colour: Black
  • Paraglider chases UFO
  • UFO looks to be scanning Earth
  • It took place during the daytime

The video is truly remarkable and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to write about it for history if anything. And it's hard to deny that the object in question is anything other than a UFO, right?

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The paraglider's camera captures himself and the unidentified flying object in great detail and it's clear that it's not a bird or a plane and it's not a balloon because it turns round when it notices the paraglider. It's exciting to think that we may have finally captured evidence of extraterrestrial life because that's nothing top secret or advanced aerial technology of the sort.

My thoughts

The UFOs that we see could have parameters set into their core to stay outside of certain types of signals like we have camera detection tools and handheld devices that can detect if a room is bugged. If a UFO can scan its immediate surroundings and plan a route according to the signals it detects being emitted from a camera or any other type of device it's specifically incorporated into its core, it could in theory keep it out of range. Other eexamplessay CCTV or smartphones, WiFi signals, specific military signals, airport beacons etc. The list is endless.

Creating a route for itself from this information within a fraction of a nanosecond and all the while it could be continuously updating its onboard navigation which would allow it to exhibit pretty much anything in terms of manoeuvring. It's what we always see with UFOs but usually at or from a distance. To me, it looks like they're trying to get on with the job of surveying the planet's infrastructure but they look like or seem to be avoiding the camera(s).

Okay, it's not proven and that goes for all of what I have just mentioned but it's logical if we think in terms of how could it avoid detection, what propulsion system could it be, and where it goes after it's gathered its information and sent it on to wherever?

I'll tell you where it goes, straight into a volcano to destroy itself!

OMG as I'm writing this it seems like I've maybe or possibly hit the nail on the head because we have evidence of UFOs flying into a volcano and on video. It always did seem strange why a UFO would fly into a volcano. Maybe we've got our answer? Maybe we need more information on this subject and maybe, just maybe NASA could tell us why they ignore UFOs at the ISS.

Going off the subject;

At worst or the very least if it's debris from another rocket launch and separation of modules, they need to update their debris monitoring app to keep track of the larger pieces that routinely get very close to the ISS putting everyone in danger. I say that confidently because they don't prepare for the object near misses at all. That means they don't know it's approaching the space station.

Getting back to the topic at hand;

If we set up an experiment. That's what it would take (presumably) for a drone to exhibit the same type of behaviour we're consistently seeing in the better UFO sightings. To stay out of signal range.

They usually stay above at least a certain height.

It's a truly unique UFO encounter and I love it because of that fact.

Of course, there will always be sceptics who will argue that the object is simply a weather balloon or some other type of earthly phenomenon like swamp gas or a drone. But for those of us who believe in the possibility of life beyond our planet, this video is a thrilling glimpse into what could be out there.

And that's awesome, it's fine by me if people want to limit their world. I'm leaning towards this being an unknown origin craft. Because secret technology is more than likely not going to be like that.

Video description:

Hang Glider in Garden Ridge, Texas captures Metapod UFO flying past him - 2023. MetaPod UFO or Balloon? You decide.

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  1. This is rubbish and fake news about UFO.

    1. Can you please share your sources for your claims please. In future try not misunderstand your opinion for facts or claims. It's easy done. I used to do it myself but then I discovered the Oxford English Dictionary. It works wonders.

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