Black UFO Sphere Hovering In The Sky

Yes, you're seeing probably the best UFO sighting that is under intelligent control but it's not us controlling that because we don't have anything like it.

Close up of a black UFO Orb in the clouds.

Image showing a black UFO sphere in the sky.

It's too high up and it's a black sphere. We don't utilise spheres in any way, shape or form.

The witness tries their hardest to stay with the UFO and keep it in the centre of the screen.


Why can small UFOs fly high and fast

We've got propeller-driven and electric drones that are scale-model RC model jets, helicopters and even 747's which are limited. But nothing like this small UFO which can climb high into the clouds. They can move similarly I suppose to an Air Force jet but only in manoeuvres as the shape is nothing like what you'd expect and the speed of this plus the height it's at looks way different to anything that I've seen in various videos.

UFO sightings and reports are on the rise

The world of UFO sightings is a fascinating one and that's an understatement. People have been reporting sightings of objects in the sky for hundreds of years, and yet we still know so little about what they are and where they come from. Why is that though because it's not a recent rise in UFO sightings I'm talking about UFO report's going back over thousands of years.

We don't know enough about UFOs because of (sad to say) that's all because of attitudes and actions on behalf of the non-believers. Unfortunately there's no information with this UFO sighting but that's not reason to not post it and bring it to the world. Many people are filming UFOs but don't want their names connected with it.


It's funny but sad funny because it's almost like saying "Look up there in the sky, do you see it?" Only for the Government of the world to say "see what" There's nothing there you need to check your eyesight. And to boot we don't want people laughing at us for saying that we saw a UFO. I'm so happy to tell you now that I know from experience that people are reporting UFO sightings and it's not only on the rise but with it is coming a wave of change. It was uploaded to but no information was with it.

What's recently changed in Ufology 2023

The biggest change in Ufology is that we now have UAP disclosure. So fingers crossed that it's going to result in an open and transparent investigation with real research concluding with what we've all suspected for generations. I'll leave it to you to think about what that is. Things are changing for the whole UAP/UFO genre. Good luck AARO and all that sail in her.

What's different about this UFO sighting

So recently, a video has surfaced of a black UFO sphere flying high up in the clouds, and it looks like it's searching for something or even in hover mode as it's thinking about where to go? It's choosing where to go or just which way to travel. That's what I think because it's what we're seeing.

Sure I'm speculating as to what it's doing up there but I'm just trying to put some method or reason should I say into the UFOs behaviour that I'm seeing hence I'm interpreting what we're all seeing which is a UFO figuring out what to do.

The power of hope and belief

I'm as normal as the next guy and yes it's a bit cooky believing in the unknown but I strongly believe in hope, and belief and when I say belief I'm talking about that kind of belief that only the person who gets it will understand. It's no secret and it's not a conspiracy it's a simple case of if you've experienced the strength of belief and the strength that belief can give you if you can tap into it then you'll know.

That's what believing in UFOs is.

The video shows a black, spherical object moving through the clouds as if it is searching for something. It is an eerie sight to see, as the sphere seems to blend in with the dark clouds around it. The video is short, but it leaves a lasting impression.

Upon watching the video, one can't help but wonder - what is this sphere searching for? Is it searching for something on our planet, or is it searching the skies for something else entirely? The fact that it flies off suddenly as if it has received a command only adds to the mystery surrounding this sighting.

Some sceptics might argue that this video is nothing more than a hoax, but the movements of the sphere seem too fluid and too natural to be any sort of man-made object. The lack of any information surrounding the sighting only adds to the intrigue.

It is no secret that we still have so much to learn about our universe, and sightings like this black UFO sphere only remind us of that fact. Whatever it is that is flying in our skies, we can only hope that one day we will have more information and answers about these elusive beings.

In conclusion

The black UFO sphere sighting is a compelling and mysterious event that has left many people scratching their heads. While we may never know for sure what it was that was flying through the clouds, it is important to keep an open mind and to continue exploring the unknown and unexplained mysteries that our world has to offer.

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Credit: Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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