Object's Around The Sun With Landing Gear

This is one of the best UFO sightings I've seen because as this video shows us it's easy to catch these objects around the Sun on camera. In otherwords now we know what to do and how to do it just using a filter.

UFO with landing gear at the Sun.

The Sun has more UFOs around it than ever before.

Screenshot taken from Sun UFOs video on YouTube.

If you want to skip the camera set up and adding the filter (because it's the Sun) please go straight to 2:20 seconds that's the object with landing gear and I promise you will not be disappointed.


It's the only way to film the Sun with any objects flying around it. You'll probably see some the most bizarre things that you'll ever see. That UFO right there is something that I've never seen in all of the years of writing about UFOs.

YouTube description:

I did a short video of the Sun before it set on Friday July 17, 2020 and found some familiar objects around the Sun, and a couple of new ones. One looked like it had some kind of claws or landing gear that sort of looked like claws? Yeah i know, sounds crazy, but, looks crazy too! Tell me what you think in the comments below! Much Peace and love to you all!

Researching UFOs always brings up new and exciting stuff like this one. People are always sending me UFO sightings from around the world which is the same for this one. A guy sent me a message saying that I really should check this YouTube video out which I did and it's truly remarkable.

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That's pretty epic as far as UFOs go because there's so much to look at with this UFO.

  • There's what looks like landing gear
  • The UFO craft is flashing
  • The object is near the Sun
  • Human beings don't possess this technology
  • It's shape is unlike anything else
  • There's not just one UFO but many in a short space of time

It's not like the Orb or the disk and it's definitely not like the white cylinder shape UFO. Not that there's anything wrong with the aforementioned UFOs. We can even make out what looks like landing gear at each corner! It definitely seems to flash and it has the strangest look as if it's transparent. That's obviously the light reflecting from the UFO with some light going around the UFO and it's shadow coming through.

The object, craft or call it whatever you want to it's a great UFO. I'm going to be going through the database of NUFORC because it's free, lol. It's also got the option of searching by shape. I don't know what shape to call this but it groups the UFOs into catagory by shapes fo it's way easier to get through the database that way.

Linda Miller description:

I am awake and watching the skies. I do love photography and making videos. I started with a Nikon P900, and now have a Nikon P1000 and in the process of learning how to use it and all it's zooming capabilities. I also use a Panasonic 870K, sometimes my Note 9, a drone, Infrared & UV Camcorder, and Wyze Security Cam to capture different anomalies.

Did it come from the Sun or behind it? The lady point's out the bird which goes past the camera lens and that has a very dark colour. She points out that objects that are close are dark and object's near the Sun are light. It makes sense because it's the distance the light has to travel.

Collage of the UFOs with landing gear around the Sun.

Without further ado you should check out the video and enjoy. I'll be looking into this a lot more now because of the shape of the UFO and the obvious landing gear at the four corners. It's a fantastic video showing "something extraordinary" and that's why I really wanted to bring it to your attention.

Feel free to contact me with your UFO sightings and if you've got any thoughts on this post please share it with us and let's get the conversation started. Also please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Credit: Linda Miller YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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