Multiple UFOs Filmed At Recent SpaceX Viasat-3 Launch

The SpaceX Viasat-3 America's Mission multiple UFO sightings footage of this event was sent to me by Charles Martin and is truly remarkable.

Multiple UFOs flying past the SpaceX rocket launch April 2023.

We must share any strange UFO sightings footage that we capture to shed light on what is transpiring in our atmosphere.

The question remains, are these alien watchers guiding us in a specific direction?



On April 30th, 2023, SpaceX had a launch set which was great until T + 3:42 when a UFO flew from the bottom of the screen upwards and to the left of the rocket.

Then another UFO occurred moments later at T + 3:52 which is a 10-second interval. Maybe that means nothing but it shows a pre-planned incremental manoeuvre.

Because multiple UFOs were spotted during past SpaceX rocket launches and recent UFO sightings at these launches we can assume that future planned SpaceX rocket launches will no doubt have UFO sightings as well. It's a pattern of UFO activity which looking back on we can't deny that these UFOs are happening regularly. In other words, you can bet your money that UFOs are present at the next launch of Starlink satellites (somewhere they'll be there).

Specifics about launch

On Sunday, April 30 at 8:26 p.m. ET, Falcon Heavy launched the ViaSat-3 Americas mission, delivering the ViaSat-3 Americas, Astranis's first MicroGEO satellite, and Gravity Space’s GS-1 satellite to a geostationary orbit from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The SpaceX rocket launch thus far has had regular appearances so much so in fact that Elon Musk himself tweeted about one such instance when a person on Twitter asked about the UFO and subsequent explosion at the same time the unidentified flying object flew past:

In it, Musk said, "We have not ruled that out," in reply to a commenter suggesting extraterrestrial involvement.

Here's a link to the Yahoo news article.

The UFO flew past the rocket on its launch pad and as if by magic the rocket blew up. Elon tweeting about this in any way, shape or form is a probable hint at the Twitter boss' belief in UFOs. Because anyone who doesn't believe in UFOs would not suggest it could be, right? To suggest that Extraterrestrial entities could be involved to a person who firmly believes that Aliens don't exist you already know that their answer would not be to suggest it could be Alien involvement...

That's my understanding about this, but what do you think about Elon Musk himself believing in UFOs? Please, let us know in the comments.

Is this showing a pattern of UFO behaviour around the SpaceX rocket launches? Because it seems pretty convincing data to me as history shows many such video examples of unidentified objects visiting (sometimes destroying) the SpaceX rockets. This frequent occurrence provides statistical evidence that UFOs are observing mankind and our technological advancements or lack of advancements.


The UFOs in this particular instance were seen flying towards the rocket, indicating their interest in our evolution of technology. Are they scanning the rocket's payload with unknown cargo devices as we do at borders with X-ray scanning machines? But they're way too big, right?

What's everything technology-wise got in common? Shrinking technology. Everything is getting smaller, with smaller chips, smaller software bytes, and smaller and more compact technology crammed into the smallest of handheld devices there.

And that refers to everything that uses or utilizes technology. Who knows how far advanced these UFOs are? Who knows what they're capable of but one thing I do know is that the UAPs which the US Government declassified after Louis Elizondo released the videos, they have some very interesting capabilities in small UAPs.

They did outrun the US Navy jet's for starters with no visible means of a propulsion system and they were filmed in Infrared hence the videos looked like they were filmed in black and white, it was Forward Looking Infrared cameras.

Let us continue to document and share any sightings to uncover the truth about UFOs and their intentions towards mankind.

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Credit: SpaceX Viasat-3 Americas Launch/Charles Martin/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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