Tunnel Came To Life And Freaked Out The Workers

On May 17th 2018, a construction crew in Northwest Colombia at the Ituango dam witnessed and also filmed a strange but natural phenomenon occurring in the tunnel they were constructing.

There's a plausible explanation but it's not cemented yet.

Medellin Colombia tunnel phenomena.

Tunnel phenomena in Colombia Medellin.

At first, people said it was a wormhole which appeared to be opening and closing, leaving the workers puzzled about what was happening.


Some speculate that the mountain has unusual properties that the workers have uncovered an ancient curse or even some unnatural force unleashed upon the world revealing a long-lost or forgotten type of energy hidden within. Antonio Sanchez witnessed it all unfold and remembered it sounded like a Lion roaring (sic) and that everyone was scared.

It's to be expected though especially when nobody on Earth till this point in time had ever seen or heard anything like it. The closest thing in our reality to anything that resembles this is on TV. That's why when anything unusual or unnerving and downright scary happens it's usually the TV that we jump to because it's where (I believe) adults get their information mostly from the TV news in the world!

See the thing about this is that it happened.

That's daunting just writing about it because it's not like I'm writing about a fictitious event that happened.

It's not a wormhole

The wormhole theory is a brilliant idea but sadly it's wrong. We seem to know what an Alien Grey looks like without ever seeing one though as we have a collective agreement on its looks. That's freaky and scary in a way because it hints at a bigger picture of life.

If we have prior knowledge of something and that we're all born with then what else is there hiding deep within our psyche or subconscious?

Written into our subconscious mind could be the key to life the key to understanding our universe and how it works.

There could be a treasure trove of information in our DNA and the way it's arranged just so happens it could predetermine our life and our interaction within it. A kind of planned path on or for a particular purpose.

While the exact cause of the tunnel phenomena remains unknown it's just a theory that it was the mechanisms responsible for the control of water flow through the dam, periodically causing large pressure fluctuations in the tunnel. And yes it's not official yet but it seems plausible so we must keep an open mind.

Was it the opening of the waterways within the dam that caused the strange phenomena perhaps or something else entirely and has it been covered up with a plausible explanation?

We just don't know

This discovery has left scientists and researchers eager to investigate further in hopes of uncovering more information about this mysterious occurrence.

But how do you recreate a phenomenon?


The appearance of a wormhole in the Ituango dam tunnel that was being constructed in Northwest Colombia has left many questions unanswered. Will we ever get the answers or even be able to recreate the experience?

The unusual properties of the mountain and the discovery of a long-lost or forgotten type of energy have sparked interest in the scientific community which is great and rightly so because it did happen. Further research and investigation are needed to fully understand this phenomenon and its potential implications and whether can it be harnessed...

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Credit: VideoMan/Science Channel YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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