September 1996 Spherical UFO Sighting Over Kfar Sabu, Israel

In the vast realm of unexplained phenomena, this little-known UFO sighting over Kefar Seva, Israel in 1996 is simply astonishing.

Strange and unique looking UFO sphere over Kefar Seva Israel in 1996.

Shape changing mystery UFO over Kefar Seva Israel in 1996.

The Wednesday UAP hearings have renewed interest in UFOs which is great from one point of view but not from another angle.

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People should be interested in the unknown craft's above us without any prompting from the Government but it is what it is. Small victories is where Ufology disclosure has resided since the beginning of the Ufology Phenomena.

This UFO sighting has not been satisfactorily debunked. Also it was filmed by a woman eye witness and it showed up 3 nights in a row each time it was a different shape and judging by this video I can believe it. Also it changes it's shape each night in a row which is what we're seeing here in the video a montage of the 3 nights. A different shape each night must mean it's trying to communicate.

Among the countless reports that have surfaced over the years, this one particular incident stands out as a truly mind-boggling encounter. Nestled within the annals of September 1996, a small town in Israel, Kefar Seva, became the stage for the bewildering sighting classed as a spherical UFO. Its peculiar features (and boy are they different) and captivating colours left witnesses astounded and perplexed. Join me as I delve into the very mysterious details surrounding this unforgettable event!

The Extraordinary Sighting:

During the darkness of a September night, awestruck witnesses gazed towards the skies above Kfar Sabu, where an otherworldly presence materialized before them. Floating with ethereal grace, a UFO unlike any other was unveiled. The spherical object possessed a striking yellowish-orange hue, emanating an otherworldly glow that set it apart from anything known to human aviation.

Witness Testimonies:

Accounts of the sighting flooded local media, with witnesses describing their astonishment and disbelief. One eyewitness, a resident named Sarah Cohen, described the sighting as the most bizarre UFO she had ever encountered. She recounted how the spherical object hovered silently, manoeuvring in ways impossible for any known human aircraft.

The Videographic Evidence:

Fortunately, in an era where personal video cameras were still relatively uncommon, one steadfast observer managed to capture this extraordinary event on film. The footage revealed an enigmatic, smooth-surfaced sphere defying the laws of gravity, moving with remarkable dexterity and purpose. This visual documentation added an undeniable element of authenticity to an already unforgettable sighting.

The Ongoing Mystery:

The Kfar Sabu UFO sighting of September 1996 remains a mystery to this day. Despite numerous attempts to debunk or explain the occurrence, no conventional or logical theories have emerged. The peculiar shape, vibrant colour, and inexplicable movements defy any rational explanation offered thus far.


The September 1996 UFO sighting over Kfar Sabu, Israel, stands as an enduring testament to the enigmatic and uncharted nature of our world. As we continue our quest for answers, this remarkable event serves as a reminder that our universe is vast and filled with countless inexplicable phenomena awaiting discovery. The bizarre, yellowish-orange, spherical UFO witnessed that night will forever ignite the imagination, leaving us in awe of the unknown possibilities that exist just beyond our reach.

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