UFOs Filmed Flying Across The Moons Surface & Structure

The universe is full of mysteries and unexplained phenomena. One of the most captivating occurrences is Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) that have been spotted in various parts of the world and space.

Moon structure inside of a crater and multiple UFOs flying past the Moon.

Unusual structure inside of a Moon crater.

UFOs in formation flying over the Moon's surface.

Let's get into it.

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On September 24th, 2022, a video was uploaded to social media that left people astounded. The video captured multiple dark-coloured UFOs flying across the Moon's surface.


With no apparent shadows on the Moon's surface, the objects couldn't have been that close. Join me as I explore this mysterious event and try to unravel the secrets surrounding it!

The Baffling Sighting:

The incredible footage taken through a telescope in September 2022 reveals peculiar objects zooming past the Moon. The strange-looking objects are dark-coloured and appear to be travelling at a relatively high speed. These UFOs are unlike any aircraft that we know of, and it was stunning to see them so close to our planet's satellite. There are no wings which is why I'm suggesting that these UFOs are in space. With no apparent shadows on the Moon's surface, I'm also suggesting that these objects were pretty far away from it.

The Witness and the Video:

The person who uploaded the video to social media (Tik Tok user papayadoll6148) uploaded it on 24th September 2022. However, it is known that the witness was filming the Lunar surface through a telescope when they captured this mysterious event which is a major part of this story. The video quickly went viral in a matter of hours, with people sharing their thoughts and opinions on what could be happening in space.

I've revisited this because there's been no satisfying answers and I'm sure I know that we can get answers to this one. While I was riding this wave of confidence I thought that I'd add just another wee conundrum to the payload. I did so because I know how good we are at suggesting possible and plausible explanations, together we offer great and insightful information and views on any given UFO sightings.

Have Researchers Devised any Theories?

Since the video was uploaded, many researchers have attempted to explain what the anomalous objects could be. Some of them have suggested that they could be meteoroids or space debris that just so happen to be flying past the Moon. However, others have pointed out that the object's same shape suggests something more brazen and the lack of any shadows means they could be using advanced cloaking technology. Many rockets have gone into space over the decades so any number of devices, Inventions and secret satellite technology could have made the journey. They have also suggested that these could be Extraterrestrial spacecraft.

The structure inside the Moon crater:

Deep in the vast expanse of space, another captivating discovery awaits. As an amateur astronomer eagerly observed the Moon through a high-powered telescope, a peculiar sight unfurled before their eyes. Nestled inside a Moon crater, a mysterious structure or perhaps even an Unidentified Flying Object reveals itself. Glistening under the soft lunar glow, it kind of emanates an otherworldly aura, distinct from the surrounding lunar landscape. This enigmatic anomaly captivates anyone that sees it and sparks a fervour of speculation. Experts and researchers alike from various fields should painstakingly examine every pixel of the footage. As we all delve into the depths of the lunar mystery it's as if it's asking us to explore the unexplored and unravel the unimaginable mystery.


As with most UFO sightings, it is impossible to draw a definitive conclusion without definitive evidence. The multiple dark-coloured UFOs seen flying across the Moon's surface are unlike anything we know. Despite the theories, the truth is still out there, waiting for us to discover it. The question of what these objects were and their intentions remains unanswered. One thing is for sure, though - this sighting is a captivating reminder that we should never stop exploring the mysteries of the universe.

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Credit: William Bennett/Tik Tok papayadoll6148/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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