What Truly Happened at Roswell New Mexico in July of 1947?

What really happened at Roswell New Mexico, United States in July of 1947 with the crashed UFO?

The Roswell UFO history 1947.

Let's get into it.

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The Roswell UFO incident of 1947 has become one of the most enduring mysteries in the annals of ufology.


In the decades that followed, countless questions and theories have emerged, contributing to the allure and intrigue surrounding this extraordinary event. Join me as I delve deep into the Roswell incident, asking questions and exploring the various theories, in a quest to uncover the truth behind this enigmatic event.

What triggered the Roswell incident?

In early July 1947, something unusual and unexpected occurred near Roswell, New Mexico. Reports emerged describing the discovery of debris from a crashed object found on a ranch. The initial belief was that it might have been an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

How did the story evolve?

Soon after the discovery, the U.S. military issued a statement identifying the wreckage as a weather balloon. However, this explanation was met with skepticism and failed to quell the growing interest in the incident. Over the years, witnesses and conspiracy theorists have provided conflicting accounts, fueling speculation and conspiracy theories.

Could it have been a cover-up?

Many question the official explanation, suspecting a cover-up by the U.S. government. Witnesses claim to have seen military personnel retrieving otherworldly debris, and rumors of recovered alien bodies have persisted. These accounts have given rise to theories of a government conspiracy to hide evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Are there alternative explanations?

Aside from the extraterrestrial hypothesis, some believe that the debris discovered at Roswell could have originated from experimental military aircraft or top-secret projects. The possibility of classified technology and sensitive information being involved adds complexity to the story.

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What do government documents reveal?

Declassified documents, such as the 1994 Air Force report, attempted to dispel the UFO theories by asserting that the recovered debris was part of a top-secret government project called Project Mogul, which aimed to detect Soviet nuclear tests. However, this explanation has been met with skepticism, given the stark discrepancies in witness testimonies.

What does scientific analysis suggest?

Researchers have analyzed the available evidence, including photographs and witness statements, using various scientific techniques. While some argue in support of extraterrestrial origins, others have found mundane explanations for the reported phenomena, such as misidentified military equipment or natural phenomena.

Wikipedia states:

The "Roswell incident", or simply "Roswell", was the July 1947 recovery of metallic and rubber debris from a military balloon by Roswell Army Air Field personnel, who issued a press release announcing possession of a "flying disc". Decades later, conspiracy theories claimed that debris from an alien spaceship had been covered up by the government.[1][2] In response, in 1994 the United States Air Force published a report concluding the crashed object was a top secret nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul.

The Air Force states:

In 1997 a definitive air force report "The Roswell Report: Case Closed" ventured the opinion that stories of alien bodies may have come from civilian witnesses who saw parachute crash test dummies, a severely injured airman parachutist, and charred bodies from an airplane crash during the 1950s. The report proposed that the witnesses "consolidated" the separate events the Project Mogul materials, the crash test dummies, the airman, and the charred bodies in their memories.

Proved cover up:

The Roswell Incident (book) was published in 1980. The book’s authors, Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore, labeled the weather balloon explanation a cover story. Ironically, Berlitz and Moore were right about one thing: the government’s claim that a weather balloon crashed at Roswell was incorrect. In 1994 the air force admitted that the recovered material was in reality from a U.S. spy balloon. Part of Project Mogul, it was an attempt to monitor anticipated nuclear tests by the Soviet Union.


The Roswell UFO incident remains an unsolved puzzle, captivating the imaginations of generations. While skepticism and controversy persist, the search for answers continues. As technology advances and new evidence emerges, we may someday unveil the truth behind what happened in Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947. Until then, the mystique and intrigue surrounding this remarkable event will continue to captivate and inspire the curious minds in search of extraterrestrial mysteries.

Remember to always question, explore, and challenge the unknown, as the truth may be just around the corner, waiting to be discovered.

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