1994 US Fishermen Chased By UFOs or Misidentification?

In the huge expanse of the sea, amidst the shimmering waves off the coast of Florida on Wednesday 31st August 1994, an intriguing incident occurred that has captivated the minds of many.

In 1994 13 UFO Orbs chased fishermen and reported to MUFON in 2017.

1994 Florida waters UFO Orbs chased fishermen.

Let's get into it.

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A video surfaced depicting a high-speed chase between US fishermen and thirteen unidentified crafts.


Who was pursuing these fishermen and why did people people on the boat announce that themselves to be Coastguards (people in the boat clearly stated that they are the coastguard) but the MUFON statement states they were fishermen? This incident, case number 87314 in the MUFON database, has been reported and extensively covered by various outlets. In this blog post, I'll unravel the details of this extraordinary event and explore a thought-provoking comparison to other similar UFO sightings.

The Chase:

As the US Coastguard "ahem" fishermen advanced swiftly through the open waters, it became clear that they were not alone. Thirteen smaller crafts (initially seven) were actively pursuing them, leading to a dramatic and puzzling chase. Witness accounts claimed that the unknown crafts displayed outstanding speed and maneuverability, fueling confusion and raising eyebrows. Speculation instantly emerged regarding the nature of these unexpected followers. Were they truly unidentified flying objects?

The Revelation:

Upon closer inspection of the video footage, a crucial revelation surfaced. Amidst the chaos, keen-eared observers noted a passing remark from the fisherman as it sounds like he's saying they're the coastguard. To everyone's surprise, they then stated that they were being chased and surrounded by UFOs. This unexpected disclosure altered the perception surrounding the incident. While the identity of the pursuing crafts remained unclear as UFOs tend to be unknown, it was now apparent that they were not alone and something was gaining ground on them.

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Comparisons to Other UFO Sightings:

UFO Orbs filmed over the sea.

Interestingly, this incident bears striking resemblance to other documented UFO sightings reported by government officials over the sea. Numerous incidents involve unidentified flying objects exhibiting extraordinary speed, agile movements, and unconventional flight patterns. When comparing such reports to the 1994 chase, it prompts us to question the true nature of these sightings and the validity of witness statements and visual evidence.

Should We Disregard Video and Witness Statements?

The debate surrounding UFO sightings and their authenticity is an arduous one. Skeptics argue that many alleged encounters can be explained by natural phenomena, technological advancements, or mere misinterpretations. However, this case highlights the importance of thoroughly investigating all supporting evidence, including video footage and witness statements. While the initial assumption of fishermen either chasing the coastguard or instead of the coastguard it was fishermen it was debunked because fishermen wasn't involved at all, the true identity and nature of the thirteen crafts however remain elusive. It is crucial to exercise caution and adopt a diligent approach when examining such incidents.


The 1994 United States Coastguard chase off the coast of Florida offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of unidentified flying objects. While the pursuit initially seemed to involve fishermen, the revelation that it was the Coastguard gives this sighting in my view a credibility check that is welcome. The incident raises intriguing questions about the relationship between unidentified crafts, official UFO sightings, and the credibility of videos and witness statements on the whole. As we further explore the mysteries tied to UFO encounters, it is crucial to approach them with an open mind while critically examining available evidence.


Note: Case number 87314 referenced does indeed exist but it was only submitted to MUFON in October of 2017 which is a long time to wait since Wednesday August 31st, 1994. I suggest you read the Above Top Secret post to find out more like is it oil rigs or is it helicopters? Caution is advised with this UFO sighting not because the uploaded video onto the YouTube channel doesn't exist anymore but that it took a very long time to get it into the public.

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Credit: MUFON Case 87314/Above Top Secret/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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