Debunking Claims of a Mega-Structure Above the Moon's Surface

In recent years, videos and claims of unidentified objects or structures surrounding celestial bodies have sparked intrigue and curiosity among conspiracy theorists.

Large UFO above the Moon reported to Secureteam10.

Let's get into it.

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One such video, uploaded by the YouTube channel Secureteam10, allegedly captures a massive structure hovering above the moon's surface.


In this blog post, I will take a closer look at this controversial footage and examine the scientific explanations behind these claims.

Analyzing the Video:

The video in question features footage taken by an individual using a telescopic camera. According to the uploader, the video shows a "mega-structure" emerging from the horizon of the moon before disappearing. However, it is important to approach such claims with a critical eye and utilize scientific knowledge to evaluate their authenticity not forgetting that common sense must play a part as well.

Pareidolia and Optical Illusions:

One possible explanation for the alleged mega-structure is a phenomenon called pareidolia, which occurs when the human brain interprets random patterns or shapes as familiar objects or structures. Our brains naturally seek patterns to make sense of our surroundings, and in this case, the structures may simply be the result of coincidental formations or optical illusions caused by shadows and light variations on the moon's surface.

Misinterpretations and Image Artifacts:

When capturing images or videos of celestial bodies, various factors can lead to misinterpretations. The poor camera focus, atmospheric disturbances, lens flares, or image artefacts can all contribute to optical distortions that may create the illusion of a mega-structure. Then there's the usual suspects including CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) which is a favourite of hoaxers and fantasists that can fool anyone with the right animation. It is crucial to consider these possibilities before assuming the existence of any extraterrestrial or unknown structures.

Heightened Sensationalism and Confirmation Bias:

Conspiracy theorist channels on social media platforms often rely on sensationalism to attract viewers and increase engagement. While they might genuinely believe in the claims they make, confirmation bias can lead to a biased interpretation of the evidence at hand. This bias can result in overlooking alternative explanations that align more closely with scientific principles which is what I have come to learn.

Scientific Consensus and Expert Opinions:

Scientists and experts in the field of astronomy and astrophysics have not substantiated claims of a mega-structure above the moon's surface. The scientific community is diligent in examining new evidence and theories, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to be accepted. Without robust scientific consensus or expert validation, it is essential to approach such claims with scepticism.


The YouTube video showcasing an alleged mega-structure above the moon's surface has gained attention among conspiracy theorists. However, scientific analysis, including an understanding of pareidolia, optical illusions, misinterpretations, and the influence of confirmation bias including CGI and straight-up deliberate hoaxes, allows for a more rational examination of the footage.

Did the video footage originate from "Hollywood Scotty" as part of a so-called visual effects project and was, in fact, a hoax as it's been mentioned but even that could be all part of some whisper to make people think differently? So do your research and rely on yourself with the help of all the scientific tools out there. If I can do it then you can...{alertInfo}

Until conclusive evidence is provided by the scientific community, we must wait and hold off on any outlandish claims because after convincing a friend might come to another friend but then when it comes to enlightening the world it takes science and research not just an opinion based on feelings. This is all common sense as I mentioned at the beginning of this post. It is prudent to approach these claims with scepticism and rely on scientific consensus, which relies on rigorous investigation and verification processes to legitimize extraordinary claims this is what I have come to learn.

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Credit: Secureteam10/Daily Star/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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