Reptilian Eye Shift on German TV Lead Stories Fact Checked As Real

The bizarre case of the Reptilian eye shift on German Live TV but it "appears" it was deliberately added as CGI suspiciously it was deleted from the TV show's website and it wasn't part of the script.

Carolin Kebekus eyes seemingly blink sideways reptilian eyes.

Let's get into it.

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In recent years, the internet has become a breeding ground for conspiracy theories and inexplicable phenomena as we all know.


Among these, the alleged reptilian eye shift caught on camera during a German TV show has captured the imagination of many and it was fact-checked by Lead Stories as yes indeed it occurred at the time of broadcast - but it appears nothing more was done they just took their word for it and now suspiciously they immediately took the TV show offline permanently and it wasn't part of the show only added in later as a joke! That's a major red flag to anyone. It's been fact-checked as real but it was CGI, how does that work for you as a joke and it wasn't part of the script? And it's been taken down.

Carolin Kebekus reptilian eyes blinked sideways on live TV.

Source: Lead Stories

A female TV presenter's eyes blink sideways, revealing a reptilian-like transformation, yes we know that it happened the TV show admitted to it to Lead Stories that it was a joke but it seems no evidence was given to show it was intentionally inserted. But Lead Stories just took their word for it and what's good for the Goose is good for the Gander. In other words, if taking someone's word for it is evidence then why have fact-checkers in the first place? They've proved the eyes did indeed blink sideways. There's evidence of that happening but the fact that there's no evidence that CGI was used how can we determine satisfactorily that it was CGI?

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While scepticism is warranted, it's noteworthy that independent fact-checkers, such as Lead Stories, have verified the existence of the footage, which has since been taken down from the TV shows website and that doesn't sit right with me. So in this blog post, I will delve into the intriguing details of this case and explore the possible explanations behind this extraordinary phenomenon.

The Eyewitness Account:

During a German TV show, at precisely 6 minutes and 52 seconds a commentator called Steffen states "What about her eyes approx. 6:52 min: Your eyes!?" Here's the link to see it at Web Archive. This comment was added on May 21st at 3:51 pm. If you look just above the comment by Steffen you'll see that the video has been removed completely!

As viewers watched the broadcast intently, the female TV presenter Carolin Kebekus's eyes seemingly blinked sideways, prompting claims of a reptilian eye shift. Although initially met with scepticism as it was screenshot and shared, multiple sources have verified the authenticity of the video, including an independent fact checker, Lead Stories. At the time of broadcasting, the footage was available on their website, further substantiating its existence and raising intriguing questions about its origins.

Examining the Footage:

While the concept of reptilian shapeshifters may seem inescapably tied to the realm of science fiction, the video in question has left many questioning the limits of possibility. Though it is crucial to approach such claims with caution (I will link you to reputable sources of information below like Wikipedia), the independent verification of the footage lends credibility to the astonishing occurrence. The reptilian eye shift, seemingly caught on the TV broadcast, challenges our understanding of human physiology and raises fundamental questions about the nature of reality itself.

Possible Explanations:

Given the extraordinary nature of this phenomenon, it is essential to explore possible explanations that extend beyond the reptilian shapeshifter hypothesis. One conceivable explanation could be that it was a joke but that seems unlikely as they immediately took the footage down. Why did they make a joke only for them to take it down when anyone sees it or it get's to much coverage?

It was a joke but let's look at other possibilities:

It could involve an optical illusion or camera distortion, which may have inadvertently created the illusion of the presenter's eyes shifting. Light rigging and camera trickery after airing and before publishing could account for the sideways blink. Additionally, technical glitches or anomalies during broadcasts have been known to occur on rare occasions and could account for any puzzling event. Live feeds and broadcasts are notoriously slow, lagging and distort the faces sometimes leading to wild unsubstantiated claims that proof positive people are Reptilians. However, until further investigation can shed light on what transpired like evidence of CGI, the reptilian eye shift remains an open question.

The Role of Independent Fact Checkers:

In the era of misinformation and sensationalist claims, we cannot underestimate the value of independent research and information fact-checking systems put in place to protect not just companies, people and liabilities but also history and the footprint that we leave behind. Do you want to be known as a liar, a hoodwinked a falsehood and of course "Billy no mates." I've come to learn through understanding and my research that fact-checking as much as can be done and with the information available at the time is crucial. Opinions on the other hand are the bedrock of society. Debates, principled decisions and honest reviewing of how we each view the world is what makes it so interesting for everyone. But deliberately stating lies is wrong! Independent fact-checking organizations play a vital role in verifying the truthfulness of online content. Lead Stories, a reputable fact checker, has thoroughly examined the reptilian eye shift video, confirming its existence at the time of broadcast and when it was originally aired. By adhering to a meticulous verification process, they provide a valuable resource for separating fact from fiction.


The case of the reptilian eye shift on German live TV has undeniably captured the attention of online communities, fueling speculation about hidden forces and otherworldly beings. While it is essential to maintain a critical mindset and consider alternative explanations, the verification of the footage by independent fact-checkers substantiates its existence. Keep a timeline of events journal if you making a difference between when an event happened or tell a friend who can later verify your UFO sighting and recall your thoughts at the time of the UFO sighting. The same goes for strange encounters with the unknown. It all helps in keeping an accurate record of events.

I say this because UFO sightings are not only on the rise but actively being investigated by the US Government. Further investigation is required to unravel the truth behind this particular live TV bizarre occurrence which reminds us of the mysteries that still exist within our technologically advanced world. In the quest for understanding, we must approach such claims with an open mind and a commitment to uncovering the underlying truth.

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Credit: Lead Stories/ News YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Wikipedia Reptilians/Canva.

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