Disk Rotating Over Brazil Apartments

Amazing video of a disk UFO was filmed over Sao Paulo Brazil apartments at night time showing the incredible unknown origin craft turning, it was slowly rotating as the audibly shocked eyewitnesses expressed their excitement.

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The information is scarce and all we know so far is that it was in 2024.


UFO Disk over Brazil filmed spinning over the city by UFO Sightings Footage (Are UFOs Real)

A poll was created on the popular Instagram page ovnis. videos with the results being.

São Paulo Brazil UFO Poll

UFO: 67%

Military object: 22%

Other possibilities: 11%

Sao Paulo Brazil has been home to a large amount of UFO witnesses over the years and has been featured right here on UFO Sightings Footage and ufosfootage. People in Brazil are not afraid to say what they see.

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The Brazilian public is filming a lot more UFOs lately and UFO reports are up year on year reported to my Instagram page. People aren't afraid to post them online anymore. I believe it's a genuine sighting and not a hoax. I suppose people aren't afraid of submitting their videos because it's accepted in most countries that have ongoing UAP disclosure programs.

Let's jump in and analyse it:

The mysterious UFO sighting in Sao Paulo has sparked curiosity and wonder among those who witnessed the unknown craft in action. The video footage reveals the disk UFO's intricate movements as it turned gracefully in the night sky. The eyewitnesses' expressions of excitement highlight the awe-inspiring nature of the sighting.

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Bullet points

- A remarkable video capturing a disk-shaped UFO hovering over Sao Paulo, Brazil apartments at night has surfaced.

- The unidentified flying object was seen slowly rotating in the night sky, leaving eyewitnesses audibly shocked and excited.

- Limited information is available about the sighting, with the only known detail being that it occurred in 2024.


As details remain scarce about the origin and purpose of the UFO sighting over Sao Paulo, the event serves as a reminder of the mysteries that continue to intrigue and captivate us. The year 2024 marked a moment when ordinary residents were treated to an extraordinary glimpse of the unknown, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed the remarkable event.


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Credit: ovnis.videos, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, ufosfootage.

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