Sunday, 11 February 2018

Alien Spaceship Is Seen Docked At The ISS International Space Station On LIVE CAM FEED

Aliens Dock Ship At ISS To Have Meeting On Live Cam, Jan 29, 2014

I've said this for years and years that this happened! Even before I actually knew about this incident and exposure I was saying this! Why was I saying this? Because of what the Vatican was up to? If you don't understand this then please be patient because i'm still researching this bit and as a matter course it will be part of my own disclosure on the behaviour of the Astronomers at the Vatican and WHY they bought their new telescope? Keep an eye on this bit...

NASA is always looking for excuses? It doesn't matter if it's reasons to go here there and anywhere or congress for funding? It doesn't even matter if it's looking for reasons to not do things? It's always angling and that is why I never trust NASA just because of it's own innate (what seems) behaviour? They always seem to be doing things for other reasons? Like bankrupting the USSR or faking spacewalks and using CGI (they actually got publicly caught using fake models and miniature - versions of the Moon, ISS astronauts). That video is found here on our YouTube channel. OMG i've just been to get the video but surprise, surprise it's GONE! I did that video not that long ago only a few months ago but yet it's totally gone? this is all I could find relating to news anchor NASA? What is going on? That's very strange? Leave it with us and we will have to check this out?

Here's images of the docked UFO at the ISS.

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Date of sighting: January 29, 2014 Location of sighting: Earths Orbit at International Space Station NASA live cam:

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