Sir Stephen Hawking And The Event Horizon Telescope Breaking New Records (Video)

We are the best in the history of human beings and astronomy coming together to understand, explain, decipher and write, speak the understandings of over hundreds of thousand of scientists, astronomers and all their findings?

It is absolutely mind boggling to say the least? I actually feel like no matter how I write this, there's absolutely no right or wrong way of doing so? I could just simply type "extraordinary people" and that would sum it all up? I could type "stunning people doing stunning work" and you'd know what I meant?

Sir Stephen Hawking setting world records with telescopes.

Sir Stephen Hawking was and is a legend in his own right. His own right means that he went out with the full world against him quite literally and conquered the field of theoretical physics and most things in between and round the corner!

He was amazing at everything to do with physics and out of the box thinking? We wouldn't be so far ahead of where we are now if it wasn't for him, the mind of Stephen Hawking and the common sense he had? Is it a coincidence that he died on Albert Einsteins birthday?

The Event Horizon Telescope (what this post is about, lol) used 80 blooming dishes right around the world in conjunction together, that's right - TOGETHER to take a hopefully HD image of the Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy? 80 dishes is quite nerve racking and one can only imagine how they brought all this together and used it together? It's just a glimpse of what is going to come in Astronomy? The future look's very exciting indeed?

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