Did Ancient Aliens Introduce Mankind's First Written Language (Video)

Here is the video which I did about the ancient Sumerian writing system that is Cuneiform and where it came from? It just appeared as if by magic and this is a weird thing don't you think? It got me thinking and it makes me wonder if ancient Aliens intervened and gave us this ability?
Here is a video which I have given my beliefs and my reasoning for this belief? It's based on the facts and the writings of the time that just appeared from nowhere as if by magic? That doesn't sit right with me as it shouldn't sit right with you because we all know that which ever century, millennia or decade for that matter something just doesn't appear out of thin air, right?

Unless your a magician doing tricks then I don't know what to say about this, well I do that's why I did the video but what I mean is I don't have any other thought's on this other the thoughts I have given already?

The Cuneiform writing system is a very complex structured way of installing data on a clay tablet for a long time? It's basically going to last unless someone or something destroys it? It's perfect in a few way because it has allowed our world to shrink, people are now connected like never before and trade is an unstoppable force of which it all owes it's very existence to writing and the ability to pass knowledge in it's truest form without variation or distortion of the written contents and that has given rise to everything we see today!