Tanks Guarding A Obvious UFO Site in Antarctica

Closer image of the UFO crash landed in Antarctica.

This is out of this world and one of the most incredible mysteries to have ever come out of wild Antarctica. Did you know that Antarctica is classed as a desert because there's so few waterfalls there? That's interesting enough but this next segment will blow you away just like it first made our collective jaws drop then it blew us all away.


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Tanks were spotted in what seems to be a formation on guard right next to what can only be described as a downed UFO, guarding a UFO crash site. It looks like nothing we've ever seen in the Antarctica region so it stands out most definitely. It can't be a dislodged rock boulder or a piece of ice because the area it is in is flat!

This is what it could look like, a close-up of the UFO crash site. If only we had a close-up image of the crash site. That would have been excellent.

Possible UFO crash site in Antarctica this is what it could look like closer up?

It's as flat as a football field. The fact that there's what seems to be an impression leading up to the unidentified object of where it came to rest suggests heavily that this thing was coming in over the Antarctica region at a steep angle. It looks like it flew to Earth and simply crash-landed.

  • Firstly, why are there ANY Tanks in Antarctica at all?
  • Secondly, we thought that militaries were forbidden from entering the Antarctica region.
  • Thirdly, who owns the Antarctica region?
  • Is there a military stationed in Antarctica and if so which country is it?

There are a lot more questions that need asking but for now, we'll settle with the ones we've just asked. Wasn't there a treaty signed by most major countries that they wouldn't put military equipment in Antarctica? If that is so, somebody has broken that treaty?

Firstly, why is there ANY Tanks in Antarctica at all?

So who was the (Eagle-eyed) person who found this awesome and possibly "history-changing" evidence of actual real, tangible Aliens? It was a guy from Russia. It was Valentin Degterev from the city of Nizhny Tagil in central Russia. He says he found the UGO (unidentified ground object) online using Google Earth.

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Fellow researchers have dug out satellite images of the same site, just off Willy Field Road, which were taken in April and December 2011. The channel says it found the pictures which they believe show four tanks in a line facing the strange crack in the snow on Google Earth as if a UFO has skidded to a halt after an emergency landing.

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It's interesting to note that other people have looked at satellite images from two months before the images with the four Tanks in and guess what, the images from two months earlier still show the UFO with the skid line behind it but there's no Tanks. And that for me as far as I'm concerned is the clincher which has convinced me that this is genuine.

We've recovered UFO in Antarctica

We've found the most significant and historic "new era" and even "new chapter" in life - because of this exceptional find? I may be talking in profound words with big meanings but that's because this is more than the smoking gun, or the answer that we (conspiracy theorists) all needed which we all believed would come. You see, the thing with common sense is that it grounds one and tells me to be cautious but still investigate further. always say and ask the questions in one's mind? One of the questions is this, what happened to this "UFO"?

  • What were the Tanks doing there?
  • Who initially found this and how?

You see it was Valentin Degterev who saw this on Google Earth first and it was he who broke it to the world so I'm asking this:

  • Who was the first person to raise the alarm and alert the authorities?
  • Was it military or civilian?
  • What's happened to it since?
  • What country's military was in the Tanks?
  • Who else knows about this (Government wise?)
  • Where are the tracks from the Tanks?

The satellite image used by Google Earth was taken on February 15, 2012.

Close up image of the UFO crash site and the Tanks guarding it in Antarctica.

It doesn't matter how you look at this, it will always say one thing in your mind. It goes like this, wow that's a UFO and four definite-looking Tanks are guarding it. .an you imagine being the first person to discover this image on Google Earth?

If it was me I would be thinking this is just too good to be true. Then it would sink in what I've discovered and then I would put it on my website, lol. Well done to Valentin Degterev for finding this possible history-changing discovery!

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Credit: Top 10's YouTube Channel, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, ufosfootage.


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