Are Alien's Visiting Earth And Come Here To Do Harm (Video)

Some Alien species come right here to Earth and are said to be really doing harm to humans? Humans have been targeted by these Aliens for a long time and abducted by them and had some pretty nasty things done to them? We all know what I'm talking about and it is very wrong! Here is a list so-to-speak of these species?

If you ever wondered if Aliens exist then this video is for you? Here is a deeply fascinating video of them Alien species that mean no good to us! Some Aliens have been visiting Earth for many years, decades and even for millennia. Some are good whilst others mean to really get in there and not be noticed but leave a trail of destruction. The ones you need to watch out for are the ones that literally see humans as meat!
Alien Races Part 4 the really best part as far as I'm concerned!

4 species of Aliens that want to harm us humans.

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