Man In The US Can Summon UFOs

Man can summon UFOs on command and does so on live TV which is absolutely stunning. I thought that the TV station was trying to poke fun at him until he stunned everybody there. He never knew in advance, he didn't know the location or time. They just turned up and he got summoning the UFO and guess what, the journalist is so shocked he has to call his producer! That for me is the clinching factor.

The odd's of this being able to work must be a billion to one? He must have or possesses a power as yet unknown?

Man can really summon ufos.

Theres way to much that has happened to say it's false or a bit of luck. He said he could and he did, that for me is amazing proof of an extra sense at work. His name is Ramon Watkins, also known as "Prophet Yahweh" and he calls them in at will. This story is from 2005 although old it is still interesting and very useful.

ABC Channel 13 Action News got more than they bargained for when the usual UFO story became a hot topic and also very real. They were reporting on a guy from Lake Meade, Nr Las Vegas who claimed he could call up UFOs on demand.

Man in usa can summon ufos.

The guy claims to have witnessed over 1500 UFOs in the last 25 years alone and realised he could summon them at will, guess what he can!

Man can call ufos at will.


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