Real Pictures Of The Nephilim And More Insider Knowledge

We 100% believe that the planet Earth at one point in time had many, many Giants that lived here. The Smithsonian got rid of all their ancient Giant skeletons on the orders of the Illuminati.

Multiple sets of giant skeletons have been found (sometimes removed on purpose) right around the world!

There's evidence in most museums around the world of one "Giant's" or anomalies about the Ancients.

It's too much for the museums to handle, so they in turn think it's too much for the public to know about!

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Then there's the Giants uncovered in Ohio (see The Toledo Gazette link below), and guys, you begin to understand the biggest cover-up for mankind's history, which is in the museums


Skeletons of bizarre natures have been turning up at a lot of archaeology sites in parts of the world where Giants were supposed to live, that's spooky to me and you but not to archaeologists who live and breathe this stuff day in and day out.

We've just updated this post with a new video of the Smithsonian Institution and the ongoing cover-up of Giant skeletons, including skulls, bones, and even elongated skulls.

It's just another day on God's green Earth and whatever they find (if unusual) gets bagged, tagged then sent away where it is de-bagged, de-tagged and erased from any official notebooks, history files, personal books, personal journals and logs and entries in any professional and personal record systems?


Who is it usually done by insiders working with or "on behalf of" the Illuminati and the so-called and self-styled history police?

The Watchers of Humanity!

Yes, it's all incredible stuff and very hard to take in, but explain the disappearance of this stuff we know for a fact that it existed at one stage - but now it's gone and any references are omitted, erased, defaced and ruled out of existence with a few keystrokes!

The Smithsonian was keeping this stuff away for some reason on behalf of someone, but why? Why would they be erasing or hiding history like this (because that's what it is), and for whom would they be willing to do this?

Here's a video that talks about the covered up Giant skeletons hidden away by the Smithsonian Institution:

Myths usually have some truth to them, and this one very much so is not the exception.

Source The Toledo Gazette.

Source Reference Nathaniel Jarrett Nephilim.

Source Reference Ancient-Code Giants On Display.

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