UFO Filmed Flying Low On Yellowstone Park Camera

UFO over Yellowstone National park.

Yellowstone National Park's glowing UFO Orb looks like pure radiating energy. The UFO phenomenon still seems to baffle people, but these things have been here on Earth for many generations. You'd think people were a little used to seeing them by now, wouldn't you?


Hidden Underbelly YouTube Channel.

My theory is this. This could be an entity older than humanity and volcanoes could be a refuelling station like a gas station if you like and clouds could allow these glowing UFOs to travel around the world and could be why NORAD has recalibrated their sensors to detect slow-moving objects within clouds why else would these sensors be readapted to include slower moving objects instead of the traditional speeding missile variety?

Energy needs of UFOs

Just like a mothership UFO would need a refuelling station maybe a volcano on Earth for the smaller UFO Orbs and for the massive motherships in space the Sun could be a type of refuelling station and I say that because we've got video footage from NASA showing huge planet-sized sphere's refuelling at our Sun. I could be wrong, but it's an explanation for what we've documented as opposed to nothing whatsoever from official sources on this.

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It would explain why we saw the massive planet-sized UFO refuelling at the Sun for an hour then it moved away and the funnel-type hose coming from the UFO to the Sun was detached and it went on its merry way, we saw it come and go and it was awesome and undeniable! You can't make this stuff up. It's true and real! Is the UFO over Yellowstone a usual sight?

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They are regularly sighted flying over Yellowstone Park all the time! It's an active zone for UFOs. This one is quite special because we see it emerge and then get closer, and it looks exactly like what a typical UFO would look like, maybe anyway?

Yellowstone UFO image and video.

Here's another two UFOs as seen over Yellowstone National Park. These images are from the amazing website UFO Sightings Daily. The editor there is Scott Waring, and here's the link.

UFO seen over Yellowstone national park.

By my count, it looks like there are 2. There is this image.

UFO seen over Yellowstone national park.

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Source Hidden Underbelly YouTube.

Source UFO Sightings Daily.

Source Yellowstone Webcams.


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  1. Thanks man. These multiple orbs moving around Yellowstone remind me of them around the times of our great quakes. I noted very similar activities around Sakurajima Volcano the next day 12-3-2011 after the great Japan quake and tsunami events of 11-3-2011 just week after our own devasting quakes of Feb 2011 in NZ.

  2. Are these alien craft a precursor to a massive explosion, knowing that, if Yellowstone's super volcano explodes, much of Earth's creatures will go extinct, and that happen. WE ARE HELPLESS AND HOPELESS!

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