Ancient Technology Hidden In Artworks Over Millennia

Ancient technology in art that is from the future.

There's been secret or "subliminal" messages added and integrated to a lot of things but the one thing which we can all check is the artworks of history.

Michelangelo for instance painted and drew submarines, tanks and helicopters over 500 years ago. he was born on the 6th March 1475.

This guy was an absolute watcher. He was an observer. He understood how things worked understood what was happening right then and applied his understanding to come up with potential applications combining knowledge known and unknown?

Ancient hieroplyph shows submarine helicopter and tank and boat which is mind blowing.

This is how people understand the future now. It's a tied and tested method of understanding where humanity is going. Applied methodology. Applied physics and applied reasoning all will bring you fortunes - but not today, tomorrow and definitely not the next day.

But if you set these things in motion then the days of working or applying yourself and all you understand to be on the horizon will in time come together and you will gain whatever you set out to master! You will definitely evolve as your fruits shall bare fruits so to speak.

Modern technology in ancient artworks

It's hard keeping and staying on track believe me because I struggle with this "staying focused" as everything is interesting to me? I tend to easily get distracted but here's a little known secret that works as I have tried and tested this approach:

Bursts of unapologetic enthusiasm and as long as your working generally in one direction it will all come together that day. It's basically starting in the middle and working your way out to start at the beginning which brings it all together.

You can start at the beginning which is probably easier but if your set in your ways then this works also.

Ancient painting of Sputnik.


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  5. I think there are many hidden things in ancient things...people are scared to reveal them.

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