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Thailand cave rescue latest news.

The first kids have just been freed and are safe. Cheers to Elon for this amazing and very heartfelt and generous decision to send your engineers to the cave in Thailand. I think that I understand the decision to do something - as I had this same feeling (I think) in my heart, but 

If I had the resources, I would have done the same thing. Again, cheers Elon Musk for helping out. It shows us the real side to Elon that is very welcome and needed at this horrific time.

SpaceX news today thanks for helping the kids in Thailand.

One wouldn't expect this from a very driven, busy, important, and very futuristic guy, but as they say, "Never judge a book by it's cover"? This is so true. I think it's this type of experience that allows him to live in the future as the present is what we are judged by not the past! I mean, even the forgive and forget analogy tells that the past is always forgotten. Just because he's a million miles away, there are certain things in life that unite people from all different sectors and cultures.

In this case, we've got brilliant and educated (mostly self-taught) and a country of frantic people with a volunteer force filled with amazing souls. Your rewards in heaven, although you didn't want them, are behind the forever invitations to your favourite points in history? You'll see it as there's an ordinary looking photo frame with the person most important to you next to it, have a good one.

Rescuing the Thailand children here's a map of the cave.

We are judged by the present, and the present defines us in every mind that takes this in? The past is the past. It has no bearing on the present like the real-time present does. People, although he'd probably like us to focus on something else like this Thailand tragedy unfolding live on TV, let's not forget that everyone can help and that is by sharing the plight of the kids in the cave.

Anyone can pray. You don't have to be a church goer. I am not. My beliefs are forever evolving, and I'm forever improving my stance. A church that shouts about money being the route of all evil but then holds out a bowl for money!

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