Tuesday, 7 August 2018

UFO Crash Site Discovered In Google Maps No Fly-Zone In Arizona ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ›ธ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

UFO caught on Google Maps is a really good one.
Google Maps was created in 2007 and is an excellent platform for spotting and researching suspected UFOs and Alien sightings around the world. There's one such fascinating UFO sighting in Google Maps images taken from an Arizona no-fly zone, which seems to show everyone a UFO crash site, could it really be a crashed UFO?

UFO crash landing site found on Google Maps again in Arizona no fly zone.

Above without security personnel and below with security personnel around or, they probably just found it? It's amazing what stories these Google satellites can tell us. Not everyone is convinced though, of course – some people say it could just be a yurt.

Here's the crashed UFO in Nevada no fly zone with security around it.

The whole Google Maps or Google Earth showing UFOs is absolutely irrefutable evidence proving that we are being not been visited by Aliens and it's regular. Why the hell isn't our so-called governing government doing something about it? If they are then it's lame and very ineffective and rubbish at best. They only need go on Google Maps follow my link and they will have the proof, the one they keep denying even exists.

We need your thoughts on this one, what do you think this is? Your always good at coming at conspiracies and things in this spectrum of strangeness from different angles and pointing out some stuff which we'd never think about and that's why we are getting better in the research department because of you guys giving so much great common sense as feedback, cheers for the comments and messages of your infinite wisdom.

Here's the coordinates but I have provided the link below to go straight to it 31° 26’43″N 109° 4’30″W

Link to the post on the following UFO found in Google Maps.

Here's another UFO but in another field caught on Google Maps.

Link to the UFO crash site to see it for yourself! Believe me, this is fascinating stuff.

Situated in the deserted Arizona mountains, the image shows a mysterious round silver disk with black shapes. There seems to be pointed blobs on the top of the suspected UFO or spacecraft, in a formation that resembles the bottom of an overturned UFO, suggests a crashed UFO landing site? Just what is this unmistakable conundrum, that's all we know for sure is that this is a mystery.

This was UFO crash site (above top) was initially found by the YouTube user Secureteam10. We just thought you'd like to see this stunning Crop Circle of a Jellyfish or Squid, what do you think it is, a Jellyfish or a Squid? it's brilliant though no matter what it is.

A crop circle in the shape of a giant Jellyfish or Squid.

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