Strange Elongated Skulls Found In Bolivia Tombs

Archaeologist Jedu Sagarnaga holds a skull that is definitely strange and could be influenced by Ancient Aliens.

Archaeologist (image Credits/Jedu Sagarnaga) holds a skull as part of an archaeological finding, dated approximately 500 years ago, in Mazo Cruz, near Viacha, Bolivia.

Now this is my theory:

In the ancient times countries started building Pyramids all of a sudden right? It's as if someone went on a modern ambassador equivalent tour to promote Pyramids as the next best building craze and sold the rights to build them to individual peoples. Then all of a sudden it's as if people started to stretch their heads or elongate them all of a sudden, but why?

Was the elongated skulls directly influenced by ancient Aliens and how they looked.

Putting the two together I think this is why it all happened:

The ancient peoples saw these "visitors" coming down from space and they looked strange, different with elongated heads and when the Aliens went from place to place visiting people on different continents they inadvertently started of a craze of people wanting to look like them so they imitated their look by stretching, compressing and tying their heads up so they would eventually grow in to the shape that they want which is to look like their now Gods.

This is the same for Pyramids:

people saw the shapes of the Gods heavenly chariots (the only name they had for a horseless carriage) and they started to build Pyramids and use them for worship! This is now all starting to make sense to me, how about you? It would also explain why different cultures adopted these same styles of building and looking all around the same times near enough.

This is a drawing interpretation of cranial deformation from the ancient world.

As these people had no contact whatsoever with each other because of the vast oceans between one another, it does explain how they had the same ideas. Aliens took the plans inadvertently on their "UFOs" and because the humans saw their spaceships and how they looked they set about simply copying them.

Here's the story I researched and have referenced from Reuters:

Strange skulls found in Bolivia tombs are actually the strangest yet...

A team of archaeologists in Bolivia said they have discovered tombs containing over a hundred bundles of artefacts and human remains dating more than 500 years old that belonged to an indigenous civilisation that once inhabited the region.

Bolivia’s Ministry of Cultures and Tourism authorised the dig more than three months ago after a mining project discovered archaeological remains in the area (Which is amazing it was reported at all).

Archaeologists found the tombs, which they say may have belonged to the Pacajes people, in an underground burial chamber located some 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) southwest of Bolivia’s capital La Paz.

“Inside the cemetery we found two special tombs, one of which had about 108 individuals inside. They were badly deteriorated, but we were able to recover objects the individuals were buried with,” said archaeologist Wanderson Esquerdo.

While two of the tombs had been ransacked, the others remained intact, he said. To reach the tombs, scientists had to lower themselves through a circular chimney just 70 cm (27.5 inches) in diameter and 3 meters (9 feet) deep.

Ancient head-binding was very common but what was it based on.

In addition to human remains, the largest tomb contained metal objects as well as ceramic and wooden dishes.

“There are objects that are clearly attributed to the Inca culture, and others that are not Inca, but rather Aymara,” Esquerdo said. The indigenous Aymara kingdom of Pacajes flourished in the Bolivian highlands until it was conquered by the Incan empire in the mid-15th century, according to archaeologists, who believe the Pacajes people may have not been wiped out by the Incan conquest, but could have fallen victim to some type of epidemic. The discovery is “unique and unprecedented,” said Wilma Alanoca, Bolivia’s Minister of Culture and Tourism.

After the archaeological dig began last June, archaeologists said microorganisms wreaked havoc on the bodies’ soft tissue, quickly decomposing the remains. Excessive humidity and high salinity inside the chamber also deteriorated many of the buried objects, according to the dig team.

Here is another story I have researched and referenced from Verses Of Universe:

Cranial Deformation Artificial, flat head, or head-binding is a permanent form of head change in which human skulls are deliberately formed. This is done by distorting the normal growth of a child's skull by applying force. Flat shapes, which are elongated (which are produced by binding between two pieces of wood), which are round (binding with cloth) and which are cone shaped applied to those selected.

This is usually done in infants, because that's when the skull is still in the most flexible condition. In some cases, head-binding begins about one month after birth and continues for about six months.

Extreme skull deformation was once common in a number of geographically and chronologically separate cultures, and may be found independently, more than once. This is still happening today in some places, like Vanuatu.

There are things from ancient history that are not lining up with the orthodox way of thinking or learning and basically everything you thought you knew to be a fact are actually based on nothing more than one mans "interesting interpretation".

And when you look at the incentives "they" were given, to have said "interesting opinions" it makes me wonder just why the history we learned at school etc was pushed so much? Until you see the alternative theories which stand up to scrutiny and there's even physical, tangible proof to back them up. No wonder they don't want us "learning" the truth. Check out all the sources in the links below for videos and images plus expert analysis of elongated skulls in ancient times, it's fascinating.

Source Reuters.
Source Quora.
Source Verses Of Universe.
Source Dan Flynn YouTube.

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